The housewife goes to Blogapalooza 2014

Blogapalooza 2014 was hands-down the most anticipated blogger event of the year, BOW! Seriously, almost everyone from Mommy Bloggers Philippines who signed up couldn’t contain our excitement. We talked, planned and prepared for it. Expectations ran high especially for the first-timers, hearing what fellow bloggers who had gone to last year’s had to say about it. One of the things I like about the event was that the venue was just walking distance from where I live. My hubby and I, along with our kids, frequent SM Aura, so I’m pretty much familiar with that mall.

The good stuff!

The good points include having a good number of mainstream brands as exhibitors.  Crocs, Dr.Kong, Flawless, Globe, Krispy Kreme, Acer, Canon, Chips Ahoy, Max’s, NIU by Viking’s, Globe and Sky Cable were there.

There were a lot of booths that cater to fashion and beauty bloggers, so good for them!  I signed up for a few brands that fit my blog theme and will be writing about their products and services in the coming weeks. I signed up for a couple of slimming products for obvious reasons, haha!

Techie limits…

I signed up for Fukuda and Canon but held myself back from signing up for anything too techie because I’m not really a tech blogger. Fukuda is a brand I’m already familiar with because we’ve purchased a couple of appliances from them. In fact, our current burner stove is Fukuda. We’re also gearing to buy a Canon camera come December because our son needs it for some of his projects, and I want to upgrade on my gear as a blogger.Taking pictures happens to be one of my favorite things about blogging.

I won an Acer smartphone before the event wrapped up, which is good because now, as an end user, I will have something to write about. Winning that smartphone was one of the highlights of my first Blogapalooza experience.

Some things I didn’t like…

No event is perfect, I guess. I have my fair share of disappointments about Blogapalooza. For instance, there were people manning booths whom I felt were not very friendly.

I admit, I waited until the bloggers disperse from booths before coming back because I didn’t want elbow my way through crowds. I  wanted to get to know brands a bit more, but sadly, when I came back, the people at some of these booths didn’t seem to care about sharing anything to me anymore.

I understand that they’ve run out of freebies, but in my opinion, they can at least talk me up on what’s new with their brand and all that since I signed up anyway.

Twice, I tried asking what I needed to do, to jumpstart a conversation, but a couple of people in charge of these booths wordlessly just pointed to the sign up sheet and appeared uninterested.

There was also this one brand that asked me to sign up, handed me a freebie that had nothing to do with their service, told me to take a picture at their booth, then sent me off with a “blog about us, ha!” She didn’t tell me anything about the company or their promos, so I’m not really sure on what to blog about. I have to commend the people in charge of the booths for Look it’s about me, Eat ManilaView Park Hotel, NIU by Vikings and My Shopping Box for a job well done. They entertained questions and took the initiative to come up to us and explain about their services.

The band was good but….

Having come from the band circuit, I recognise a good band when I hear one. Climax’s lineup (of songs) was fresh and have managed to maintain class, but the volume was a bit too loud and distracting. I was moving like Jagger more than concentrating on the booths when they were playing.

The woman at ‘Look It’s about me’ tried to orient me about their product but we could barely hear each other above the music, so I just assured her that I’m interested in her product and that I’ll be looking up their website soon so I can try it out and talk about it. On a side note, I would know that voice anywhere because Eman Omaga is one of the vocalists whom my husband and I have worked with a few years ago. He’s also a friend. My husband have also worked with Stanley, the drummer, back in the medieval ages!

This little thing called freebie

Okay, I’ve read a blog about how other bloggers seemed to have only come for the freebies. This blogger is pointing out that we shouldn’t be after the freebies and that the brands should be able to trust us to blog about them, freebie or no freebie.

I agree, we shouldn’t have primarily gone to Blogapalooza for the freebies, but I’ll be lying if I say I didn’t want to bring home some, and let me tell you why.

Some of the brands I signed up for just gave 10% discount or Php 100 OFF vouchers, and that’s okay. In fact, I prefer those over cute tokens. I’m grateful to these brands because they make their products or services more accessible to bloggers like me.

You see, I have not written a single review on a product or service, nor have recommended any that I have not tried. A 10% discount is already a huge help on my pocket.

I brought home a couple of sachets of Nice Day coffee and Delite herbal tea, and even though I have my preferences with coffee, I drank the giveaway so I can write an honest blog about it.

Of course I can refer to the flyers on the benefits of these products, but people don’t just want to know the benefits. They want to know how they taste, too! They want to know how it works and if it does for others, before even considering purchasing the product themselves.

I do online marketing as a profession outside being a blogger and I’m not claiming to be an expert, but I know this much — that I cannot help brands with their marketing by only coming up with a cold, rephrased version of another person’s write-up, or by pretending to know about it when I know nothing at all.

The best reviews are borne out of genuine, first-hand experiences.

Sure, I’ve written about things that I spent for. A blogger’s a blogger, my radar’s always up and alert for new and exciting (or dismal) things. Although I choose to recommend more good stuff, rather than rant about the bad ones.

The best part of it all is….

The best part is that I got to spend the day and enjoy it with other Mommy Bloggers from Mommy Bloggers Philippines. I’ve already met many of them in other events like at the home schooling conference and marketing workshops, but some of them that I had been interacting with a lot online, I only got to meet in person at Blogapalooza.

Despite a few disappointments, I’m still looking forward to Blogapalooza 2015. I still think it was a success, so congratulations to Vince Golangco of When in Manila, Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and to those who helped organised this event.

I’ll be more prepared next time and will wear flats instead of wedges. I promised The Happy WAHM that I’ll Kinect dance with her next time, so maybe I’ll lose some of these flabs so I won’t look so bearish when I jiggy it with her next year. Until then!

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  1. Hahaha! Oo nga, wala akong kasama maglaro nyan! Anyway, I love how you expressed your honest thoughts about Blogapalooza. I haven’t written mine yet, but would probably gather my thoughts soon. I am looking forward to Blogapalooza 2015 as well!

  2. I love Nice Day coffee but for some reason, I can’t seem to find where to buy it which is sad. I also love receiving pens, notebooks and umbrella! Haha! Probably because I know it is something I can use. Sad thing, I didn’t come early last Saturday.

    Oh wait, please please tell me that you aren’t wearing wedges while dancing at the Chooks-to-go booth? Hahaha.

  3. Nice to hear na nakapunta po kayo to that event 😀 Sadly, I had a date with a special someone (not to mention that SM Aura was far from our place).

    I could relate to the part where companies don’t actually talk about their products to interested people, parang yung bloggers pa yung may obligation na basta na lang mag-post ng press release. But that booth you mentioned that simply told you to “blog about us” was just crass.

  4. It was nice meeting you, May! Sayang, we didn’t have the chance to sit down and chat. Hehe. You’re right. The event was bigger than last year. Pero, mas intimate yung last year. Viewpark guy can still remember me. Hahaha. Yung mga ganun, yung iba talang deadma eh. 🙁

    1. I love the View Park hotel guy! I really sensed that he was eager to talk about their hotel, natuwa ako sa kanya. They didn’t give any discount ano? But I’m already telling my hubby I want to go and try their hotel soon. 🙂

  5. We have the same feedback about blogapalooza but I thing the good ones outweighs the not so good and I will definitely be back next year. I just hope they will invite more partner brands in the cooking department. 🙂 It was really nice meeting and chatting with you. Thank you soooo much!

    1. I agree! We’ll be more prepared for next year and will probably enjoy it even more then. It was great to finally meet the hands-down most popular Mommy Blogger (next to mommy Lani Lyutz). I can now say a celebrity stayed over my place, heehee! 😛

      BTW, did you notice that you’re in almost all my pictures? hahaha

  6. I was there, too, but I didn’t get to see the mommy bloggers. Sayang. Congrats on your winning the Acer Phone. 🙂 I arrived around lunch and by that time, may ibang booths na naubusan na ng PR kits. I agree that some booths just tell you to sign up tapos wala na, no explanation about their product and service. But the others were nice and talked about their products thoroughly. All in all, it was a fairly good experience for a first-timer like me. 🙂

  7. It was nice seeing you there 🙂 Noticed you from your badge hehe. Congrats also for winning the Acer phone. 🙂 I’d have to agree with you that some brands were really NR. I’m also wondering how some brands can expect a writeup just by giving away pens or other tokens with their logos. I’m glad for the experience though. I didn’t expect much so I wasn’t quite disappointed.

    1. You know, brands were presenting onstage..I was glad to have listened to some of them — Easy Taxi, the Habitat thing, NIU, Caronia… but a lot of bloggers have already left.

      I think that was one of the things that the organisers could’ve changed– the entertainment should’ve been later in the day, maybe the morning should’ve been more on presentations and bloggers were invited to sit down first to listen to the exhibitors.

      It was nice to see you too! Thank you for saying ‘hi’. 🙂 I appreciate that.

        1. It was easy to miss that part because we were all so busy going around booths and catching up with other bloggers. It was only much later that I sat down and started really paying attention to what’s happening onstage. The band wasn’t easy to miss, but the rest of it …. I didn’t even know there was a game held there!

  8. Ang saya naman. Nanghihinayang tuloy ako kung bakit di kami dyan pumunta ni hubby, e di sana na meet ko narin yung fellow mommy bloggers.. Di bale may next time pa naman eh, promise sa 2015 pupunta na ko..

    I read lots of post about Blogapalooza and most of them talagang nag enjoy sa freebies and btw, I love the Official Gilas Pilipinas tumbler from Max’s.. ^_^

  9. Inggit blogger here! Kailan kaya ako makakapunta? Yeah, some people think blogging is just lifting a press release and publishing it. Marami sigurong ganun but not the bloggers who really interact with their community and feel responsible to give them honest reviews. And kawawa the brands that hired the people who didn’t entertain you because they were ill-represented. Tsk2.

  10. I’m not sure if you remember bumping into me at the Ace Water Spa booth. I saw you sign your name and realized who you were! It was nice seeing you. I have to agree about how some of the people manning the booths didn’t bother selling their brand. I approached one booth and picked up a flyer and said “Hi”.. dedma! I still tried to have a conversation because I felt that their brand was relevant to my blog, I tried asking questions, and the lady just dismissed me and said “Andyan na lahat sa flyer”. A guy from another booth naman gave a huge sigh before talking to me, as if napipilitan lang. I felt like I was not worth their time!

    1. Yes! Yes, I do. Thank you so much for saying ‘hi’. I tried to say hi to everyone I recognized but the crowd can get so overwhelming din.

      There were a couple of booths na na-sad talaga ako kasi wala lang. They just made me sign up lang. Parang when naubos ang giveaways nila, wala na silang pakelam. Gustong gusto ko pa naman yung brands, kaya nadisappoint talaga ako.

      A lot of the booths I went to, ubos na talaga ang freebies nila but that would’ve been okay. They can always email me naman and coordinate with me, diba?

  11. Waaah, now ko lang na realize, wala pala tayong picture Mommy May..toinks.. For me, one of the highlights talaga ng Blogapalooza is meeting other Mommy Bloggers..I actually can’t wait for Blogapalooza 2015. hehe. See you on other events Mommy May! 😀

  12. Hello, you DON’T look bearish at all! And wow, you won a phone! So lucky! I hope you’re planning to do a review of that soon. I’m looking for a new phone already. It was really nice hanging out with you at the event even for just a little while. It really sucks that I had to leave early.

  13. Sayang I was not able to finish the event. Dapat pala I stayed longer kaso kasi pagod na ko. 🙂 And I agree dun sa mga brands na basta nalang nag abot ng pens and flyers and then that’s it. At the back of my head, I was like…hanep! Anong sasabihin ko sa blog ko about sa brand nyo? hihihihi..

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