Student Entrepreneur rising! Gabby of Sunshine & Citrus

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Gabby. I’ve known her since she was, what, six or seven? It’s been so long, I really can’t remember anymore. I’m so amazed at how beautiful she’s turned out and when I learned that she now runs a business of her own that she fondly named “Sunshine & Citrus“, I immediately wanted to feature her here.

If you know Gabby, you know what a young fashionista she is, in the truest sense. After following a lot of online fashion shops, it dawned on her that she, too, can put up her own, after all, she’s got her own unique style to boot.

It seemed like a good way to get some extra cash, while doing something I really enjoy,” she says.

Gabby Suzara of Sunshine & Citrus. Image used with permission from Gabby, NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION.
Gabby Suzara of Sunshine & Citrus. Image used with permission from Gabby, NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION.

What is Sunshine & Citrus about?

Sunshine & Citrus started out as an online shop for trendy bikinis on Instagram in May 2013.

Image grab from Sunshine & Citrus IG.
Image grab from Sunshine & Citrus IG.

Later on, Gabby realised that it only makes sense to include bags in the Sunshine & Citrus collection because she knows someone who manufactures bags that she can trust — her mom!


Sunshine & Citrus now carries a wide array of designs that cater to all types of personalities of women of all ages. They’re affordable, classy and most importantly, functional. Gabby chooses the styles and designs most of them, herself.

Business is business, even with mom!

Although there are perks on working with her mom, such as the convenience of being able to meet and talk about the designs when they need to, when it comes to business, Gabby receives the same treatment as her mom’s other clients– being charged the same costs and fees.

The explanation? They may be mother-daughter, but the costs of labor and materials do not change according to your affiliation. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Before they were bags...
Before they were bags…

Student entrepreneur

I asked Gabby what she learned out of being a young entrepreneur, and she says that aside from learning a lot about the business process, she’s also come into terms with the reality that it can be tiring, at times.

Being an Interior Design student at the DLSU-College of St. Benilde, Gabby has to find time to attend to buyers and inquiries, update her online shop, and to personally participate in bazaars, while keeping up with her studies and her social life.

Gabby with fashion blogger, Vina Guerrero. Image grab from Sunshine & Citrus IG
Gabby with fashion blogger, Vina Guerrero at the Trend setters bazaar. Image grab from Sunshine & Citrus IG

But as far as her entrepreneurial sense goes, she says, “I learned to become more avant garde, to explore different styles and see how they work!**

You can follow Sunshine & Citrus on Facebook & Instagram.



bags watermarked

Not just one bag, but 4 bags! Sunshine & Citrus is giving away 4 bags to four of my FEMALE readers! Wouldn’t it be nice to receive an early Christmas gift?

For deets on how to join the giveaway, click here!

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  1. Someone told me that we can turn our passion into a profit. Hats off to you Ms Gabby. You are an inspiration to all women, including me. ! More power to your business and God bless!

  2. When I was in college, I turned my love for shopping into a little business – RTW. 🙂 Now I want my business mojo back. I wish I could start up a little business again. And do something I really love. Good job Gabby for doing this. 🙂

  3. Nice inspiration to young women. I’ve had a business too when I was in college but wasn’t able to sustain it when I became a mom.. This post makes me wanna continue that 🙂 -kaycee

  4. I’ve seen her from bazaars and yay! It motivates me more to pursue also with my online shop though I’m studying again. It’s very inspiring how there are many young people doing business than the older ones. 🙂

  5. That’s so nice! But why only housewife bloggers? i want a chance too! Haha… It’s nice to see daughter mummy business partner as who knows the daughter better than the mum, vice versa!

  6. I’m always hopeful for young entreps. I used to sell a lot of things before, from food to RTW. I’d love to do it again, though- but caught up with responsibilities! I love her tenacity and her being strict! “NO charity in business!”

  7. Gabby is really good at fashion and it shows in her business. That’s the right treatment that transaction between her and her mom is at arms length (same as other customers) because business is business.

  8. It’s nice to know that there are a lot of young people nowadays that are into having their own business. I hope someday, I’ll be able to put up my own business too and be a mom entrepreneur. Thanks for sharing!

  9. wow, so all her bags are actually handmade by her mom? that’s friggin cool! probably can’t really buy from her (she ships internationally?) but will still check out her IG!

  10. What a wonderful and very generous thing to do this holiday season. I am so proud of Gabby. It is not easy to run a business and go to school. I wish her continued success.

  11. Really admire Gabby ‘ s entrepreneurial endeavour..her good fashion sense shows in the way she dresses up and I am sure that good taste translates onto the products she sells!

  12. Good to see very enterprising young people who translate their interest in fashion in terms of blogging and entrepreneurship. This girl is beauty and brains, later also rich. – Fred

  13. Oh it’s Vina! I was just with her yesterday! haha. Anyway, on to her bags, I especially love the printed floral ones like that backpack! Will definitely check Sunshine and Citrus out on Instagram. 🙂

  14. Doing something you enjoy while earning is very rewarding and fun! It’s more enjoyable when you do it with a loved-one. Keep it up, Gabby! You’re such an inspiration! 🙂

  15. Wow. It must be nice to have immediate members of the family to help you realize your dream. I hope in the future there would be bikini/swimsuit line for plus sized women? 🙂 But then again, for now, the bags are really nice.

  16. How inspiring Gabby is, when I was young I’ve always to be a successful entrepreneur, and now that I am still working at the age of 29 I must start thinking and acting before its too late ahaha..;)

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