My Snapper wedding photobook

I thought I’d try to put together our wedding pictures and make a photo book using Snapper. It might come as a shock to you, but we didn’t really think too much about the pictures until years after the wedding when social media just became too hot to handle and every wedding seems to look like Prince Edward and Kate’s. Seriously.

We have the pictures (and the raw video on video 8), but that’s all we have.

Okay fine, what can I say? We missed the point of one of the most important details at our wedding. If it’s any consolation to those who are pulling their hair out for me right now, not having a wedding album did not split us up, haha!

snapper 9

Thank God for smarter friends who brought their cameras, snapped away and gave us copies. (They were probably scratching their heads all throughout the event about this)

I think it’s a good idea that you can now put together a photo book using online apps like Snapper. It’s very convenient even if you have to sort through your digital albums and decide which pictures you want to include beforehand.

I also think pictures are better preserved this way. Most of our pictures back when they used to print them would either turn yellowish, would fade, or are just not in their best condition anymore.

Anyway, I headed down Snapper’s website to see how I was going to go about it.

Snapper is easy to use

It’s very easy to use Snapper. All you need to do is download the app, create your instabook (which is how they call it), then order the finished product online.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on Mac or Windows, Snapper made sure you can use their app in both.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you just have to install it just as you would any other app and you’re good to go.

Help is available!

I had a lot of fun putting together my instabook. You can choose to just go ahead and do it yourself, since the app is very intuitive. But if you’re still not sure about what to do, you can use the “wizard” that will guide you through the process.

snapper 4
You can choose the background design and just upload the pics, Snapper will take care of laying them out for you. Make sure that your pictures are already arranged in the sequence you want in your computer before uploading them on Snapper.

You can click on the pictures to re-position them if necessary. Well, at least that’s what I did when I tried creating our holiday photo album.

snapper 5

All you need to do afterwards is choose how many pictures you want to show up on each page of your instabook using a slider that will show up once you click “next”.
snapper 3
Snapper instabook prices start as low as Php 660, depending on the type of instabook you choose and how many pages you’ll be using. I chose the 8×6 soft bound type for this one.

Snapper will warn you if there are low quality pictures among those you’ve uploaded and will give you the option to edit them first or to continue anyway.

You can add text to your pages, although I like the idea of just having a simple picture book. Here’s how our wedding album is turning out:

wedding march
The wedding March

wedding for posting

We’re still turning our house upside down, looking for the artistic pictures taken by a creative friend during our wedding. I’ll have to wait until we find them before I lay them out all over again, we’ve got too many CDs in this house to sort!

I can’t wait to make the final draft and complete our wedding album, especially now that we’ll be celebrating our 12th year next month. I sure do hope I find that CD already so I can get down to doing it.

Come to think of it, a Snapper photo album would make a nice Valentine’s day gift, too.

Behind Snapper

Snapper is a product of Pixel 800, Inc.

The company produces premium coffee table books that are timeless and traditional in style, using only choice papers in matte or gloss finish to carefully print out their books. This sets them apart from all other digital presses that use board-type paper and paper boards.

All Pixel 800 coffee table books are hand sewn and wrapped in dust jackets. Classic touch, don’t you think so?

You can also create professional portfolios that you can order in minimal quantities and for very affordable prices. You can easily update and reorder more copies whenever you can.

Snapper is one of Pixel 800’s DIY online offering.

You can check out Pixel 800, Inc. website for more details on their products. Or you can try out Snapper and put together the album you’ve been planning to take care of for so long.

You can start creating your Snapper album here.  Have fun!

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  1. Pichi and me had the mistake of thinking that we can create our own wedding album by ourselves so we had a photographer take the photos and we said that we’d edit/curate it into an album ourselves… well… 3 years of being married in the church later, our project is still pending. hahaha! Thanks for this, I hope this will help speed up the process! :3

  2. Snapper seems like a great idea! I love the thought of creating a book with our digital images. We take so many yet do not print them hardly at all. This will help a lot of people to do just that!

  3. Uy! Thanks for sharing this May!! Perfect. I’ll make one for the baby. 🙂 Yung first year nya. 🙂 Dami dami nyang pictures eh. I was thinking of doing a scrapbook kaya lang wala ata akong creative gene sa katawan. This would make life easier!!! Harhar!!

    1. Yes! This definitely makes things easier, we don’t have to do cutouts or buy them to prettify the scrapbook, which is a lot of work. I remember pa dati, I have to make sure the kids don’t pull out any of the details from the scrapbook!

    1. Actually, after putting together your album online, you can ask Snapper to deliver to you the actual physical album. 🙂

  4. This is the first time I’ve heard about Snapper, but I will give it a try some time – not for my wedding ( lol ) but I think it can also be used for pretty slideshows for work. I like how they offer the album delivery service, it’s very convenience. I still like to print photos and put them in an album but because I’m too busy, it takes me forever to do it so the pics are left stuck inside my boxes.

  5. Wow! THis is an amazing tool! ANd you did a great job on those photos you’ve worked on! Will look forward to more photos creatively designed and put together! Thanks for sharing this great app here. Would love to try this out

  6. I’ve tried making an album using another photobook app and found it really hard. There weren’t many choices in terms of layout and the app was a bit slow. I hope this one is a lot better.

  7. This is the first time I’ve heard of Snapper! I tried Photobook Philippines (on an Ensogo promo) and liked the process and the results. I should write about that and, after I use up all my vouchers, I should check Snapper out!

  8. I should’ve known this when my parents had their golden wedding anniversary last year! I had such a hard time instructing the photographer about the album, and the final output was still not as nice sa I wanted.

  9. Wow! That’s great! I will definitely use Snapper! I’m a big fan of printed pics despite how digital we are today. They are very affordable too.

    Thank you for introducing Snapper! <3

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