Raise for Cholo: A family’s fight against Cancer

Update: Cholo passed away at 5:45 AM of October 30, 2015. Among all other battles he had to face in the face of sickness, he had fought a good fight of faith. On his last night on Earth, he chose to raise his hand to the LORD in worship. 

Let me just say this outright. I’m aiming to reach more people for Raise for Cholo. I know the family behind the cause and I want to help them raise the amount of money they need for Cholo’s Cancer treatment.

Cholo had been diagnosed with Astrocytoma Stage 3 two years ago. The tumor had grown bigger than it had been when Cholo had a surgery and 30% of it had been taken out. What was then stage 3 is now Gliobastoma Stage 4.

Image taken from Jaja’s FB timeline

The Sevas

This is Cholo and Jaja Seva. Just like any couple who love each other, they make sure they spend time with each other and go on little dates to celebrate special occasions such as their anniversaries.

Cholo and Jaja. Image grabbed from Jaja’s Facebook page. NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION.

These are their children, Zach, Zeke, and Ziah.

Zach, Zeke, and Ziah. Image grabbed from Jaja's FB page. NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION.
Zach, Zeke, and Ziah. Image grabbed from Jaja’s FB page. NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION.

Adorable little kids, arent’ they? They remind me so much of my own.  In fact, most of the pictures they post are so similar to our kids’ pictures.

We’ve not been able to visit their family that much since we’ve moved from the South, except for that one time when we visited Cholo before his surgery. But we try to keep up through Facebook and through friends. Thank God for internet!

You won’t see Cholo or Jaja rant or whine about their situation online. Instead, you see posts after posts of bible scriptures that they’re holding on to as they fight the illness together. At times, Cholo even posts videos of himself singing songs of praise and worship and playing the piano.

They refuse to give in, they refuse to give up.

They need help

They’re a single-income family. It has all been by the grace of God — through the love of family and friends, and generous people who support their fund-raising events over the past two years, that they have been able to maintain Cholo’s required medications and treatment.

But since the tumor had grown, the expenses are now at an estimation of $3750 (Php 150K) every 20 days.

Cholo also needs to undergo MRI every three months to track the progress of the treatment and to know if surgery and radiation will be needed again.

What we’re praying for is for the tumor to cease from growing and secreting toxins. Cholo’s eyesight and hearing had been affected by his swelling brain, but he continues to create beautiful moments with his wife and children.

Cholo and Jaja on their 8th year anniversary. Image grabbed from Jaja’s timeline. NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION.
Creating happy memories with his kids. Image taken from Cholo’s FB page. NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION.

Here’s how you can help!

We stand with them in this fight. They’re our friends and we love them dearly. We have walked with them, and we have served alongside them in the ministry.

Me and my friend, Jaja


So here I am, knocking on the doors of your hearts for help that you can extend to our friends.

You can donate via this account:

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Account number: 0473 3472 88
Account name: Janice Ruth B Seva

Non-Philippine residents can give via YouCaring.com:

If you reside outside the Philippines, you can give via Challenge. Choice. Christ. #RaiseforCholo on YouCaring.com by clicking here:


Share about #RaiseforCholo

You may also share any of the following links on your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Raise for Cholo on Facebook

Challenge. Choice. Christ. Raise for Cholo.

And you can pray with us. Nothing is more powerful than the LORD moving in behalf of his children.

There are no guarantees, the doctor says, everything will depend on how he will respond to the treatment. But let me share with you Jaja’s words of faith, “According to our oncologist, successful treatment can mean 7 years before the cancer will recur. That is based on studies. But we choose to base our facts on what God has promised. We choose to believe that Cholo will live longer than that, that cancer does not have to recur and that he will still be used by God in His church. God still has plans for Cholo and our family. He is not finished with us. Our song, our story is not done. “

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  1. I am sending prayers for the family and God will always be your side. I will tell this to my husband since we are near Southmall and yes I am looking forward to watch this movie.

    Stay strong Mr. Cholo and family ♥

  2. This poor family, I will keep them in my thoughts. I hope they are able to raise the funds they need for treatment. Thank you for sharing

    1. Would appreciate it if you can share the post. Non-Philippine residents who would like to give can do so via the YouCaring.com link. 🙂

  3. I’m not for chemotherapy though, I know a lot of people who live longer and win their battle with just changing their lifestyle into a healthy one, and I also know people personally who died from chemo not from cancer. Chemo or radiation therapy has a bad track record from what I’ve seen on my end. Just saying.

    He and his family will be in our prayers.

  4. They are lucky to have you as friends! So depressing that it seems every other person in the world is having cancer omg. I offer all my prayers to your friend and share this on my page. medyo malayo kasi kami sa southmall.

  5. Sometimes God puts us through tests that we can surmount if we support each other and stay close together. i believe the family can beat cancer cause love prevails everything.

  6. Bless Cholo and his family! I will pray for him. Will try to share this so I could help. I have friends in Manila who could watch the block screening of avengers. I commend your support and standing in faith with the family! God bless Cholo and I declare healing upon him, through His mighty name!

  7. The couple is so strong, I admire Jaja and Cholo’s love for each other in trying times like this one, I really pray he gets better, and for the tumor to stop getting bigger. Will share the word!

  8. If I only have all the means to help him, I will. But I also have a patient, my daughter suffered with lung problem that need medication too. All I can give him is my thorough prayer, praying that everyone will be okay and they can go back to their normal lifestyle.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. Offering a prayer for her healing and recovery. Stay strong. Hugs.

  9. I am sending my prayers for Cholo and his family. goodness knows na hindi ko kaya kung ako ang nasa sitwasyon nila.. I’ll also try to make kulit to pichi if we can support in this noble cause financially 🙂 God bless.

  10. God has reasons why we need to pass these kind of challenges in our lives. My prayer of healing, abounding grace and long,healthy life – shalom, nothing missing, nothing broken, just wholeness and blessed! In Jesus mighty name! Amen.

  11. I read your heartbreaking post on G+ and my heart goes out to the family. Sending prayers, blessings and healing light to Cholo and his family.

  12. I really admire them for having the resiliency amid their trial. We’re not at the best position financially to be able to help out though but I will definitely help get the word out about them. Here’s to hoping they get all the help they need. Keep on fighting! 🙂

  13. My prayers are with them! I have a friend who’s little boy was recently diagnosed, Cancer is a terrible disease in any form. I wish we would put money that’s spent for cosmetic research towards things like cancer.

  14. It’s heartbreaking to see a beautiful family such as Cholo and Jaja’s go through something like this… But, this is not for no purpose. It’s very admirable how they face this situation, and I’m sure they will triumph… I pray for Cholo’s speedy recovery and I hope they’ll raise more for this cause. <3

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