#Fit2LiveFree with Sun Life Financial: Quit worrying, do something!

I have not really thought much about how much we need to think about our family’s health care until I attended Sun life Financial’s #Fit2LiveFree campaign last Monday, June 8, as part of their Financial Independence month celebration.

We have, what I think is a reliable HMO, which we’ve counted on in our children’s hospitalizations the past four years. I somehow knew it wasn’t enough, but I didn’t know how else to approach health finances. Which is why it’s great that I came to the event because it showed me that there are other options for people like us.


Listening to the speakers, Sinag winner and Best Selling author, Mary Rose Fres Fausto, Sun Life President and CEO, Riza Mantaring and SLAMCI President, Riena Pama, it really felt that Sun Life took the time to really understand the financial situation of the average Filipino – ME.

#Sinag winner, Rose Fausto at at #SunLifeFinancial #Digicon2015 #Fit2Livefree

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Sun Life president and CEO, Riza Mantaring speaking at #Digicon2015 #Fit2Livefree A photo posted by May De Jesus-Palacpac (@fullyhousewifed) on


In a previous blog post, I mentioned coming across a financial plan for people in their mid-40’s which gave me hope. I was referring to Sun Life. One of my Facebook contacts shared the post on his timeline and I was fortunate enough to have seen it. It’s actually saved in my files because I plan to act on it.

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Truth be told, so many Filipinos worry about their future and their financial situations, especially when it comes to their health, but we tend to mix up our priorities, don’t we? Too often we commit to five years paying for a car or other things that tend to depreciate in value over time, overlooking our need to be prepared for health crisis or emergencies. Aminin! (Admit it)


It’s on this premise that Sun Life takes action to educate and inspire Filipinos on finance management by making information available online, through and by offering online modular lessons on personal finance through Brighter Life Institute.

According to Ms. Riena Pama, they have a lot more to offer in the future under Brighter Life Institute, including finance management classes.

Brighter Life Institute ribbon cutting and unveiling was held after the media event. I’m glad I was there to see it. I also won a book, by the way. Thanks to Sinag author, Mary Rose Fausto, who gave away three of her books to any three people who can think about topics to write about financial readiness.

I had an answer ready because it’s something Jay and I are trying to do….picking up our financial mess in our 40’s (we just hit our 40’s, by the way), and we’re just about getting done. It’s hard work, I’m telling you, but it’s still possible. It’s a really slow process for us, but we’re pushing forward.

There’s always hope!

We’re doing this, not only for ourselves but for our children, too. The best place to start if we want them to learn how to handle money is in ourselves, when they see us putting value in saving up and being wise about our finances ourselves.



Special thanks to Brian Macasa and Arnel Bautista for making it possible for me to be at this very informative, very encouraging Sun Life event. And thank you to Sun Life Financial for organizing this enlightening and motivating event.

For those who are interested to hear finance wisdom, tips and inspiring stories that can help you achieve balance in health and wealth , Sun Life Financial invites the public to attend the #FIT2LiveFree Expo on June 20 at the SMX Convention Center at SM Mall of Asia. Speakers will be Jamie Pizzaro, actor-triathlete, Matteo Guidicelli, lifestyle blogger, Anton Diaz, TV Host Edric Mendoza, and financial experts, Randell Tiongson and Sinag awardee, Rose Fausto.

“For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?” Luke 14:28.

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  • Jen

    It’s really important to have something for our health talaga pero parang hindi priority on every household. SInce I am working, I have HMO provided by the company and I am paying the premium to have my son enrolled to the same benefit that I am getting. I just have to build our emergency fund muna then we’ll proceed with getting life or health insurances =)

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      That’s true. We’re also taking it step by step. We have an HMO, too, and so far, it’s been all that we need. Sun Life pointed out it’s temporary nature, though and it made sense.

  • Ayesha

    For sure with this type of healthcare and proper training of financial planning, people’s future will be worry-free.

    I’ll share this to my Filipino friends.

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      Yes, and even if there are people willing to help, we can’t expect them to go all out as they have needs to support, too.

  • Kero Pinkihan

    Are they coming to provide seminar here in North Luzon? I hope so. Because I am very interested to attend financial literacy workshop. In fact I amke it to a point to attend annualy just to remind myself how important it is to save, save, save for the rainy days.

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      I’m pretty sure it’s a nationwide campaign. Brighter Life institute modular lessons on finance planning are available online for free. 🙂

  • michelle co-huertas

    Sun Life is stepping up its advocacy. They have been imparting great knowledge to filipinos in the field of financial literacy.

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      Hi Brian! Yes, I did. Learned a lot, thank you. Wish you were able to come, but Arnel did an amazing job overseeing your group of bloggers. 😉

  • Phenomenal Mama

    Financial literacy is important to everyone talaga. Too bad I wasn’t able to join this becasue of sked conflict. I would’ve wanted to learn more about what Rose Fausto talked about.

  • Dulce

    I’m just glad I’m already doing this while I’m still in my 20’s. But, it’s never too late! Ganito talaga pag may family na, we strive to secure our financial future 🙂

  • jojo vito

    true we must be ready for the’s just that I lost confidence already in some insurance companies. I have a few plans to some insurance and some of them fold up already…now they are paying me back for what I’ve paid in installment 🙂

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      Ah I get what you mean. My brother didn’t even get refunds. That’s why it’s important to really choose the company you will invest in.

  • Nicole

    My husband and I have been talking about this for the past few weeks, we’ve already contacted a friend from SunLife to help us out. More than anything, I want to be financially ready for emergencies. What triggered this was my son’s hospitalization in January. There were delays with our HR department and they weren’t able to issue our HMOs promptly. I was supposed to get them in November 2014, but they were issued February 2015, not in time for my son’s hospitalization. The bill was insane, and it impacted our savings a lot.

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      Oh my! I hope that your son is okay now. Knowing that you’ve come through despite those problems shows God’s grace towards your family. 🙂 We’re also in the process of choosing the right finance adviser.

  • Jackie

    Sun Life seems to be everywhere these days! Haha 🙂 a friend also works for Sunlife and she was explaining the need to be secure for the future, which I totally agree with. My husband has already gotten a few for our future. Hopefully that’s enough 🙂

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      Yes they are pretty active these days. It’s because they’re really going all out on educating the pinoys on finance management.

  • Kat Rodriguez

    Our HMO is reliable so we’re good on that aspect, but I’m looking to have life insurance soon, the earlier the better talaga pagdating dyan, and also a good investment fund, yun yung gusto ko iresearch ng maayos. I hope I can go to events like this.

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      You can sign up for the June 20 conference at SMX. 🙂 It’s open to the public and I think they’ll be talking more about life insurances and others apart from health insurances there.:)

  • Celerhina Aubrey ★

    I have a sunlife for the baby and myself. This healthcare got me curious. I also have a very reliable HMO (c/o the company) but I’d love to know kung ano pang pwede idagdag. My gulay. Kelangan super prepared pagdating sa health ng pamilya. Not only the bagets but us also.

  • Charlotte Anne

    Im in my 20s but your post made me realize that I should educate myself regarding finance management. Im a huge spender and most of the time I tend to overspend on something without actually thinking that it has no use for me.

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