Product Review: Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid

I had the opportunity to try Bubble Man Dish washing liquid over the last two weeks. I looked forward to it because the leading brand has become too harsh that it caused an allergic reaction on my hands. According to a friend doctor, the medication I’m putting on it will not be effective if I will keep using the same dish washing brand.

I’ve been trying to look for something to replace it and the ones I find most effective are the eco-friendly ones which are usually not that easy on the pocket. That’s why I’m glad that I got to try Bubble Man because Bubble Man is both eco-friendly AND affordable, at only Php 32.50 for the regular sized bottle and Php 120 for its 880  ml bottle.

It’s not that I’m too cheap to invest on eco-friendly goods because I’m not, but dish washing liquid is something you use everyday. It’s not that easy to shell out so much money for something that will quickly run out. It is only practical to go for an alternative buy if it’s just as good, safe and effective as the costly one, you know what I mean?

Anyway, we tried it and so far, my fingers have not been reacting badly to it. It actually got me excited to washing dishes often because I know that I won’t get painful cuts after washing as I did with the leading brand.

I also like how it smells…sort of citrus-y. I received three bottles – The blue one which is the anti-bacterial one, then the green one which is the Calamansi one, and the yellow one or Lemon. I gave the Lemon to my friend downstairs and she says that she directly put the dish washing liquid on the sponge instead of diluting it in water.

She’s one of those who likes to have a lot of suds and bubbles when she washes her dishes, along with my husband.

Since my husband has no problem with the leading brand, he says Bubble Man is just okay, but for me, I like that it’s easy to wash off the plates. I don’t have a problem with suds since I’m aware that suds are a product of marketing but I did find the mixture less concentrated and preferred applying it directly to the sponge, too, instead of diluting 3% of it in water as advised by the product makers.

Maybe the lack of suds and bubbles is because they took out certain chemicals common in many commercial brands, such as Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Tripolyphosphate?

Sodium Hydroxide is the content that most likely dried the skin of my fingers and caused irritation. Sodium Tripolyphosphate harms our planet.

Bubble Man being eco-friendly means that it’s sustainable and safe to use for our family and safe for the environment. It’s perfect for the eco-friendly lifestyle that we’re trying to adapt as a family.

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is a product of Mikewell World of Household Products Company. To purchase, please visit their Facebook page.

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is also available in various local supermarkets nationwide.

Thank you Jennifer Dizon and Mikewell World of Household Products Company for sending me the products for review.

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  1. I wish you could mention what that leading brand you are referring to. So far I do not experience dryness using that brand (that begins with J). Good you introduced me to another brand. It is really hard to penetrate the business when there is already a strong market leader. Good luck to this one.

  2. I agree with you that since this is something we use everyday, we have to invest on it. This is very timely because we do not have any household help so I often wash the dishes myself. This is the first time I encountered the brand and I hope to try this one, too.

  3. It’s always awesome when you find a better alternative than a brand you’ve been using that contains harmful chemicals. This sounds like it’s great for sensitive skin and it’s definitely worth trying!

  4. Cool, I’ve never heard of this brand and I would love to try it. I get an allergic reaction from dish soap as well so I have to buy an expensive natural kind. Thanks for sharing!

  5. We’ve been using Bubble Man for months already for the sole reason that it’s cheap. Haha. I didn’t know that it’s eco-friendly. Thanks for the info.

  6. It is important to use good dishwashing liquid. Else hands are gone for toss. 🙁 Good that this one is fine for you.

  7. Good for you that you have found an alternative dishwashing liquid. I’m using a different brand and type ko rin yung mabula kapag naghuhugas. hehehe!

  8. This product seems interesting. I hope to try it soon so we can switch. 🙂 i am also looking for an organic dishwashing liquid that’s affordable. But I want it accessible also since they are often used in every household.

  9. This is the first time I’ve heard of this brand. We’ve been loyal users of the leading dishwashing brand and I think my mom will have a hard time to adjust to a new one. But I think, we’ll try to introduce a more environment-friendly and safe product in our household. Lalo na at mas affordable pa! Thanks for sharing this, May.

  10. Another brand worth trying. Most of the times, there are brands nicer than the leading one but because those leading brands have already established a name and a big budget for advertisement, they tend to get more clients. Its nice to try new ones until weve discovered what is the best brand for us.

  11. I’ve been alternating between a local brand and Human Nature’s dishwashing liquid, but I’m intrigued by this (also because it is affordable). Hope I can find this in Davao City!

  12. New in the market? I have not seen this in the nearby groceries that we frequent. I hope it will be available here soon. Like you, not that I’m such a cheapskate, but yes it’s an everyday item so it would be great to have it cheaper and still work well. 🙂

  13. I should give Bubble Man a try especially I am teaching my son on how to wash plates hehe. This is good for his young and delicate skin because it’s eco friendly.

  14. Is it drying to the hands? Because the other brand I use (begins w J -the antibacterial one) is really drying to my hands! And it has cute packaging, too!

    1. Haha everyone’s pointing out to the packaging. I thought it looks exactly the same as the leading brand. But no, it doesn’t dry out your hands.

    1. Just not at Robinson’s and SM Supermarkets, they say. Still under negotiation. But they’re available in other supermarkets.

  15. I love eco-friendly product. I think I will need to consider this as one of our dishwashing liquid options. Though I might need to adjust because you’ve mentioned that unlike the leading brands, it has no or less suds only. But the most important thing is that it cleans our everyday dishes 🙂

  16. Hmm this is something new. I am not sure if I am going to try this anytime soon because you mentioned the effect on your hands. I have a very sensitive skin in terms of detergents or washing liquids so I need something that is delicate in the hands.

  17. I don’t do the dishes often, so I won’t know the difference between one dish washer from another…Haven’t seen this anywhere either, so I’m glad you’ve shared it!

  18. oh shocks mali yung basa ko, “my fingers have not been reacting badly to it” not pala. As long as it is not delicate on the hands, no harm on trying it.

  19. As you know, I’ve been experiencing the same allergic reaction to that leading brand you were referring too. So, for the past few months we’ve been using another local brand instead, which is cheaper but gentler on my hands. It’s not eco-friendly like this one though so I hope to try this too soon. 🙂

  20. We also let go of signature dishwashing brands because we find it too expensive compared to local, uncommercialized ones so we switched to a brand being sold in the province. Bubble Man has a cute packaging too!

  21. Yup you’re right, the formula is probably less soapy because of the removal of Sodium hydroxide and triphosphate, those are chemicals that help make the suds! Although they could have added a replacement using plant extracts

  22. hi bloggers… Bubbleman diswashing liquid is now available at Robinsons and other Leading Supermarket nationwide …and soon in SM supermarket ( still under nego)..

    P 32.50 Bubbleman Dishwashing 270 ml
    P 65.00 Bubbleman Dishwashing 880ml

    VERY GENTLE in your hands..

    SUPERB!!!! try our product now..thankyou

  23. Nice packaging! does bubble man come in refill packs like the Joy ones? It is indeed cheaper compared to Joy which is 203.75 per 800ml bottles

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