Judah and the Cupcakes: A Baking Workshop at The Maya Kitchen Studio

Judah was so looking forward to our baking class at Maya Kitchen Studio in Arnaiz Avenue, Makati. I told him as soon as I received confirmation that we are one of the 12 mom and child pairs that will be participating in the afternoon cupcake baking workshop. I was just as ecstatic as he was.

I’m no pro-baker but I do know how to bake the usual kitchen treats such as cookies, muffins and brownies. Recently I’ve tried the no-knead sour dough and pizza crust and I’d like to think that I did a good job, considering my very limited training and the size of my oven.

Me and Judah
Me and Judah. Photo by Joy Gurtiza of joygurtiza.com

13282520_10208618000961150_1035860506_oAt home, I let my kids join me in the kitchen as much as possible, unless I’m in a rush or if I’m baking a batch for someone else, then I will have to protect the cookies from my little cookie monsters, haha! All three of them love cooking and baking with me, but I noticed that my youngest has taken to it a little more than his older siblings.

In fact, when he takes his turn during gadgets day (we don’t let them use gadgets except on weekends or when necessary), he would use it to watch baking videos on YouTube.

The thing is, he’s five, and a really active one at that. I had to be sure he was going to pay attention and participate accordingly, and not cause a ruckus in the kitchen during the duration of the workshop. And since he’s been showing some good signs of taming down in public, I thought signing up was low risk. I was right!

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Judah couldn’t wait to get to the kitchen to start. He was so excited especially when I put his apron on him. He was the smallest in the group, more so in ours. The kids in our group were most likely between 10 to 12 years old. I didn’t have time to interview them, sorry.


Anyway, the more complicated steps in the instructions were done by the girls. Judah was allowed to mix the batter and add in some of the ingredients. I had to keep an eye on him because during the first session, while I was washing some of the wooden spoons, he excitedly put in the baking soda meant for the second cupcake recipe. 


Baking is an exact science; exceeding in measurement will affect how your cupcakes will turn out.

It’s a good thing that the pastry chef just gave us another mixture to use and the kids were able to bake the yummy Strawberries and Cream cupcake. (The other was Peanut Butter and Choc Chip cupcake).


The best part was when the kids were asked to participate in making the frosting. I was so happy, and quite surprised actually, when Judah lined up on his own and waited patiently for his turn to add in the powder.

You see, Judah doesn’t like lines. He must really love baking to get in line just like that and wait without a fuss!

Image by Joy Gurtiza of joygurtiza.com

Once the frosting was mixed thoroughly on the machine, they were able to put frosting on their own cupcakes and eat the rest of them, haha!

Our box of cupcakes don’t look anything  you’d buy from Martha’s but they, most particularly the Strawberries and Cream ones, were da bomb!


Judah couldn’t wait to eat his cupcakes. I watched him try to steal his own cupcakes in between the activities when he thought no one was looking, hahaha!


They also sent us home with some pancake and baking mixes. I would’ve used the baking mixes to make more cupcakes but my kids love pancakes so much, they just kept making and making and making pancakes every morning for breakfast until we ran out of mixes.

That’s okay by me as long as they continue learning how to prepare their own breakfasts.

Mommy Bloggers of Mommy Bloggers Philippines a The Maya Kitchen Studio
Mommy Bloggers of Mommy Bloggers Philippines a The Maya Kitchen Studio. Image provided by Joy Gurtiza of joygurtiza.com.

I’m formally homeschooling Judah this school year and baking is going to be a huge part of our home school. I can tell that it will teach him self-control and patience, and will help him practice the use of his hands.

Thank you The Maya Kitchen and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for giving me an avenue to see how ready my kid is for this.  There’s definitely going to be magic happening in our tiny kitchen!

Special thanks to the other sponsors of the event: Glad Kitchen and Yummy Magazine.

For those of you who are interested to register your kids and/or teens for baking workshops, here’s the schedule this June:

The Maya Kitchen June Workshops-COLLAGE

For inquiries, please contact Maya Kitchen at:

Website: www.mayakitchen.com
Email: [email protected]
Contact number: 02-8921185 | 0929-6796102

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  1. Chef Judah it is! I so amazed on how your youngest loves baking and how calm he was during the class. I was laughing on the stealing picture. Just can’t wait to try the cupcakes????. I’m happy that you were able to have a mommy and Judah moment at Maya.

  2. The Maya Kitchen is something I knew since childhood. Good to know that it still exists till now, and actively!

  3. I actually studied at Maya Kitchen when I was much younger! It was a lot of fun and I think kids should really learn how to cook 😀

  4. I love to join this event but our schedule did not permit us so hindi na ko nagsign-up. I hope there will be next time because I love this kind of activity for my son, he likes baking too and we love Maya Pancake mix too.

  5. That’s so much fun! Kids love helping out in the kitchen especially the kids his age so this was a really nice treat for him, no doubt about it. I hope a lot of people host events like this to encourage kids to be interested in cooking.

  6. This is just awesome and great. It is just great event to attend together with your kid. Having nice time with kids is perfect.

  7. This looks fun! I hope I can also engage my eldest son into baking. He likes to cook but we currently have no oven to do some baking.

  8. Awww… Cuite!! I also include my daughter during the process, let her mix flours and beat the eggs when I bake cookies and breads for her and her brother.. I could really use the commercial breads baking workshop from Maya though, as up to now I haven’t perfected the cinnamon roll T_T… Maybe they’ll also hold classes even after summer? hahaha

    1. As a matter of fact, they do hold workshops beyond summer. The ones in the schedule are for June. 🙂 However, they’re for kids and teens. Perhaps you can call them and inquire about their regular baking programs.

  9. I love this!!! My kids would get so much out of something like this. We need more places and opportunities like this in the suburbs of Chicago.

  10. Oh man, looks like you’ve got a little chef on your hands. It’s so cool to see how taken and fascinated little Judah is in all of your photos-you can tell he is really enjoying himself. Baking is such a wonderful way to incorporate all aspects of school, so I’m excited to see all of the new creations you both come up with! (:

  11. My daughter already took 3 summer cooking/baking workshops at The Maya Kitchen and loves the experience. We haven’t tried a mom/daughter workshop though. I bet its fun. 🙂

  12. Kids love to be creative and baking is a creative stuff. Your cute boy must have enjoyed the session and he would remember it for a long time.

  13. I just love watching people do the baking, I remember when I was still a kid and my Aunt (which I call Mommy) loves to bake cake, and I was there beside her and taking all the slurp and the licking the bowl and spatula..tasting her cookies and cakes. Cool place to enjoy eating the goodies.

  14. Ang cute cute ni Judah! I can totally understand why he would want to “steal” a cupcake haha. Love that the kids are given the chance to help!

  15. Haha. So cute of your Judah to try to taste some of those cupcakes even during the workshop. But who wouldnt resist some?! Ive tasted the cupcakes of Group 2 and they were really yummy.

  16. What a fun activity! I’m thinking my son would have fun doing this too. I’m no baker though. I’ve only tried baking cookies once. I don’t have a mixer at home or I would have loved to try making muffins too.

  17. The kitchen is my playground and it’s a place where I can de-stress and be inspired. Now and then, I will invite my 2-yr old son into the kitchen for a little bit of fun and learning. That’s probably why his favorite toys are pots & pans (the real ones!). I think baking is a great bonding activity and can help kids gain an incredible amount of knowledge out of it. Fun times for you and your son!

  18. We didn’t join on this coz my twins are 2 yrs old pa lang. But I would definitely join my kids pag pwede na sila. I started to learn baking when I was on my 30’s! Boo! So it is really good if my kids will learn how to bake at such a young age. This is a great skill for them.

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