An afternoon of Grab & Go Monopoly with my young Goofballs

It’s not really boredom per se, but my kids and I have been staying at my parents’ home for almost two weeks since Jay left for Singapore and Malaysia to serve in the Kids Camp there. It’s his first time to not be home for more than a week so we thought it best that I get help with the kids.

I would have gotten a babysitter, but we figured it would be much too costly to do so, so Jay took us to the South for our short vacation the day before he met his team at the airport.

Me and my goof balls!

For most days, our stay was going well. I was able to work without distraction because my mom’s helpers (a stay in and a stay out) were taking care of everything else – from running after the kids in the yard, breaking in our dog Max who’s moving in with my parents and their other dogs, to our meals and our laundry.

However, the house isn’t exactly completely child-friendly, with piles of wood everywhere and a non-landscaped yard, so it wasn’t ideal to let the kids loose all the time. I have to admit, I resorted to letting them play with the gadgets for long hours because they kept them in one spot and everyone was able to relax and go about with their routines.


They didn’t bring too many toys and we didn’t have books with us except for one that we’re returning to the lender, so without the gadgets, the kids easily get bored. I originally planned to take the kids to the malls with me but after taking out my eldest on our first day, I learned it wasn’t as easy as when we go around BGC, so that plan was ditched. That’s when I decided to get the mini monopoly set from the toy store to get their eyes off the gadgets.


Less than 300

The set only costs Php 299.75 which made it very affordable considering how pricey monopoly sets are. We have two sets at home, actually. One is a fake one given to us as a gift but that gave us so many fun times and the Millionaire’s Monopoly set which I bought from a fellow homeschooler on Facebook.

I knew it was going to be tiny, but thought, “hey, it’s still Monopoly!” You know what I mean?


Everything was tiny

Well, it’s a mini after all. The houses were way too tiny, so were the tokens and the dice; the bills were no longer than my thumb and it only had 4 Chance cards, which was the bummer thing about it. In our games, the Chance cards provide some of the highlights when we play.

I do understand it’s a travel toy, you know, keep them as compact as you can, but at the same time, it was just too small for us. Β When we played, it wasn’t long before I was getting weary of it. The only thing that kept me going was that my 5 year old was doing extremely well (it was his first time to join us in Monopoly) at waiting for his turn, rolling the dice, counting the steps for his token and with a lot of help, purchasing properties. In fact, he had the most earning properties by the third time we passed “Go”.

My 7 year old was also enjoying himself, having fixed his eye on a couple of properties on the board, but my 10-year old was feeling the same way I was and was vocal about it after the fourth round. We decided to wrap up the game then without that much protest from the younger two who resumed playing with the gadgets.

Monopoly is a fun game, really. I love that we get to teach our kids basic Math through it, and also teach them about accumulating properties and the principles of salary and entrepreneurship through it.


I think, though, that a travel toy like this is more suitable for older players, because it’s just too exhausting to try to keep the game together while struggling with the tiny objects that are being used in the game while entertaining the small ones.

I’m usually very particular in how you return the items of a board game in its box, with this one, though, I have yet to separate the toy bills and put the same ones back together in the pile. Maybe when I find time when we get back home. The size of the pieces just made me feel too lazy to be meticulous about it.

Speaking of Grab & Go Monopoly, we made a video of the unboxing that you can find here. Enjoy!


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  1. I’ve been thinking of getting a Monopoly for months but I keep forgetting to buy one whenever we are at the mall. Momnesia, I know. Haha! πŸ˜€ May mini pala! Thanks for sharing this, May. πŸ™‚

    1. The big one is worth the investment, trust me. There’s so much to learn from it. Now if you prefer to buy the mini one, as long as you’re okay with the mini bills and mini houses, the fun’s all the same. πŸ™‚

  2. I played this with my cousins when I was a kid. We can play it for hours. I was so excited to purchase properties and make them pay whenever they land on my property. Lol. It’s a fun game.????

  3. Monopoly! My favourite game in my childhood. I could go hours and hours on end and wouldn’t stop until i’ve bankrupted everyone else… which didn’t happen very often.

  4. Even though I wanna get my own set, I’m stopping myself because this will definitely break us apart (I mean not really but you know, some might not get over it quickly LOL!) Your kiddos are so cute btw!!

  5. So important to have these moments with kids especially when they’re still very young! Your photos made me so happy πŸ˜€

  6. My kids also liked Monopoly when they were growing up. Now they like more complex board games to play. I also grew up with board games, so I am happy my kids also like board games.

    1. The board games back then were a whole lot simpler to play. I look at today’s board games and I’m like, “okay, I need to spare some time to learn this” haha!

  7. Playing mini monopoly is a lot of fun especially when you’re a bunch of family playing it together. It’s a great way to keep eyes off the gadgets once in a while.

    1. Not too afraid of the bruises here and there. I’m worried about the snakes that drop in once in a while, haha. Seriously.

  8. Playing monopoly is also one of the fun things we do as a family. I am really amazed by the kids’ energy to finish the game til the end. Hhaha, I do not have that much patience.

    The photos show you really had fun. And I just love the idea of kids enjoying and communing with nature. Seldom that my boys sit on a tree na.

  9. I love monopoly! It’s fun to play with friends and family. I did play monopoly with my husband, niece, and nephew but the nephew was sooooo frustrated to win we didn’t enjoy the game! Lol! And sorry but na-frustrate din ako sa liit nya hehehe πŸ˜‰

    1. Dibaa? haha! It would have been a fun game but I’ll give it another shot, after all, I think the original set is more fun than the other versions.

  10. We love playing board games and we have that grab and go monopoly but we seldom play kasi ang liit lahat. hehehe! Ang hirap hawakan ng money and cards.

  11. I remember we used to play Monopoly with my cousins after our afternoon nap. I always get excited every time I bought a property and counting my profits at the end of the game. It is really a fun game!

  12. That was fun! I also do that when my two girls are the same age with your boys. But we play scrabble, not monopoly (because I don’t know how to play with it) ..hahahahaha…so we stick with scrabble and bingo.

  13. Your boys would be surprised that their Tita Roxi has one and she keeps it for herself lang. Hahaha! The pieces are so small and Wacky ALWAYS makes a mess of everything when we play! So we haven’t touched it in almost a year and Jacob has been begging me to play it with him. Pagbigyan ko nga tonight. Thanks for reminding me!

  14. Monopoly will always be one of my favorite boardgames! I made sure to teach my kids how to play it as well. It’s really perfect for teaching them about money while also having fun!

  15. Ang saya nyo! I haven’t played Monopoly in the longest time. Hindi rin kasi mura ang set. Hope I can stumble upon the same find like you did!

    1. Mahal diba? We got our Millionaire’s Monopoly 2nd hand. Bought it from another homeschooling family on FB. But the original is always the fun-nest.

  16. I have absolutely no idea how to play monopoly! huhuhaha. I don’t know if I will ever learn or want to learn. But the kids are having a good time, so I think I should start learning how to play this game so I can teach my son. πŸ˜€

    1. Don’t worry, I, too, did not have a clue how Monopoly is played until we got a set of our own and I had to read the instructions. Easy naman. πŸ™‚

  17. Monopoly is my favorite board game ever! πŸ™‚ for trips, ok na ang travel ed for me. but yeah, medyo draining nga yata kapag super liit. We have the credit card version. So no paper money naman. We do monopoly game nights with family friends. Too young pa si popy to play. He might eat the houses and the tokens.

  18. We love playing Monopoly and I think we have several different sets at home, my fave of course is the Hello Kitty Monopoly which has remained unopened till now. My daughter saw that travel Monopoly set and wanted to buy it but I said no, because we really do have a lot of boxes already. But after reading your blog and how much your kids enjoyed it, I think I’ll get her one. πŸ™‚

  19. What a lovely home your parents have! What lovely kids you have too! We love Monopoly, we have about 5 different Monopoly sets. It’s an enjoyable game. Gusto ko yang set nyo. At ang mura pa!

    1. Yes mura talaga, haha. But I want it in regular size, though. We only have the Millionaire’s version.

  20. We don’t have a Monopoly set at home yet. But I really want to buy one. I want to build a board game collection for the whole family to enjoy. I remember enjoying board games as a kid. The only game we have here now is Jenga. Haha!

  21. Aww one of my favourite games as a child. Love that it now comes in a travel sized form! Perfect. Also that photos of your boys in the tree, how precious!

  22. The best times are simple happiness when everyone is happy with the simplest pleasure. It’s been some time since I have such simple happiness… I miss those times.

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