When it comes to my kids, I get protection plus from Ceelin Plus

Did you notice that flu strains seem meaner on the body than it used to? A couple of years ago, I found all three of my kids unable to walk properly because of a flu strain.

Yes, it was only flu that caused it.

In another occasion, my two tornadoes threw up for days until they had to be admitted for hospital confinement because of dehydration.



I don’t remember flu to be this serious back when I was a child, which tells me that times have changed and some illness strains have evolved. They are meaner and more severe than they had been.

And don’t get me started on respiratory illnesses! According to our former pediatrician, most Filipino children suffer from respiratory conditions because of the amount of pollution we now have. Imagine that!

This is why I consider it important to give my children their daily dose of Vitamin C. Let’s face it, we won’t be available 24/7 to stop them from doing something or going somewhere that may potentially cause them sickness.

For example, my kids may be homeschooled, but they go to their camps and other events with kids their age, and attend Electives and Creatives classes with other homeschoolers. It’s not right for me to hover over them to shield them all the time. I need to give them the space they need to grow and learn on their own.

But of course, when you’re a mom, you really want to make sure that you give your kids the best protection as possible. I make them drink their milk regularly and when it comes to Vitamin C, I don’t experiment, I go for Ceelin Plus.

We’ve used Ceelin for years, in fact, we still have 3 large bottles of it in our house because my mom also bought for my kids, making sure they take the best one.

According to Ceelin’s nutrient chart, a teaspoon of it contains Vitamin C and Zinc equivalent to the nutrients you can get from 10 glasses of milk.

I believe that no matter how rampant illnesses are – there are viruses at the mall, in school, in the swimming pool (a friend’s child had Hand-Foot-Mouth disease after swimming in their condo pool for the first time) and even within the neighborhood (a child across our building was hospitalized for a mild case of Dengue) — a healthy child with healthy habits, in a clean environment, has better chances of fighting off these illnesses and not acquire them.

My kids have not been sick for two years and I think it has a lot to do with their food intake, the number of hours they get to sleep, their multi-vitamins and Ceelin Plus. When it comes to their health, I don’t take chances and neither should any parent.

Ceelin Plus comes in Ceelin Plus Drops, Ceelin Plus Syrup, and Ceelin Plus Chewables in apple and orange flavors. It is created by Pediatech and distributed by Unilab. You can buy Ceelin Plus in all drugstores and leading supermarkets nationwide.

Ceelin Plus