Meet May, the Housewife

Hi there! My name is May and I am the Housewife in this blog.

I’m married to the kindest man on this side of the planet, Jay, and together, we have been raising our three wonderful sons, Pablo, Lukas, & Judah.

family at sofitel

Jay works full time in our church, serving as a Music Director and Video Producer for the Kids Ministry.

I, on the other hand, am a Virtual Assistant for The Wellness Institute in Australia. I work from home, so I have more time to play and chat with my kids, oversee their learning, and keep our home tidy.

I was a professional writer for over 15 years and have published works in several publications, such as Smart Parenting, Working Mom, Spiff, and have done SEO writing for marketing companies such as Spiralytics in Manila, and Choc Chip Digital and Dangerously fit Elite in Australia. But I have decided to ditch freelancing for more consistent work hours so I can be a full time mother to my children.

We’re a homeschooling family of more than 15 years, using the interest-led approach on all of our three children, so you’ll find plenty of stories about our homeschool journey in this blog.

I also like to talk about the rest of our life as a family, so you’ll get to read a lot about our trips and activities, our faith, and our relationships.

I like to eat and I like to cook, so I also like to write about food – from the ones we try at the restaurants, to the easy, doable, delicious recipes that we cook here at home.

And that’s not all because I’m quite a storyteller! I like to talk about the things I’m passionate about, such as theater productions, music, personal finances, and whaddaya know – fitness!

My favorite part in all of these is connecting with other wives and moms all over the world. My passion isn’t only in the things I write about, but in being able to speak life to other women. My prayer is that whenever you read my blog, you will find hope and joy, as much as I have found joy in my calling as a wife and a mother.

Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you want to get in touch.

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s connect there too!

Our family has been recently interviewed for a Mother’s Day feature called “Extraordi-Nanay” for Condura. You can watch the episode here:


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