Breakfast, Bread and Bacon!

I love bacon! It’s one of those foods they tell you to avoid that I just can’t resist when they’re served to me. I’m aware that there are warnings on how bad bacon is for health, saturated fats, cholesterol, and all — oh my heart!!!

So let’s get the elephant out of the way, shall we? If you’re a steadfast diet and fitness freak, then perhaps it is wise to avoid all types of bacon at all cost.

As for us, we enjoy an occasional bacon on the breakfast table (and even on our dinner table, haha!).


I read somewhere that roasting, caramelizing, microwaving and broiling bacon can lessen the health risks. And there are healthier ways to enjoy your bacon (and sausages). For instance, you can put lots of veggies in there, like lettuce, fresh tomatoes, onions and arugula. And choose the type of bread you’ll eat them with.

So anyway, when my friend, Anna Viray, a distributor of Harvest Circle freshly baked breads and all-natural breakfast items, offered to let us try her products, we were thrilled!

Healthy bacon?

We already love Anna’s milk products. We’ve been ordering the Badaco brand from her every week and the kids are already looking forward to the milk deliveries every Sunday. We decided to get Bodaco because the milk is produced from grass-fed cows.

Anna’s products — sausages, bacon, and bread, lean more on the healthy side. The food products she sells are quality, all-natural meat products that are free of nitrates and MSG, and other health hazardous ingredients; while their bread products are always freshly-baked and margarine-free.


In case you don’t know yet, margarine is bad for the heart. The best chefs I’ve talked to always advise against using margarine as a butter-substitute.

I share a love for gourmet bread with my good friend and church mate, Edz, who lives in the floor below ours. So when I saw Anna’s list of bread products, I drooled!

More than a simple Sourdough

Now I want you to note how special her sourdough bread product is. It has probiotics! My favorite Chef, Len Santos-Ding of Feed 5000, recommends that I give my eldest son, Pablo, probiotics which is the same thing she does for her youngest son.

Growing up, I only hear about probiotics in Yakult, so I knew it had something to do with digestion.

According to Anna’s post on Facebook, Harvest Circle Sourdough bread contains more minerals, particularly Potassium, bioflavinoids, Magnesium, and Zinc, and is low-glycemic.

Interestingly, it also carries antioxidants and Cancer-preventive peptide lunasin, and anti allergenic substances that help treat auto-immune disease.

All that in a humble sourdough bread!

Trying out the treats!

We got to try the All-Meat Hotdogs, Rye Bread and of course, the glorious honeycured bacon, yum! I wanted to have a picnic at The Oval but our eldest son, Pablo, had a workshop to go to that afternoon and we felt that we wouldn’t have enough time to really enjoy family time.

So we just had a breakfast feast here at home that morning. We served the hotdogs, the bacon and the rye bread and watched as our kids gobbled all the bacon and bread down. There were a couple of hotdogs left, an indication that they like bacon more.


What surprised me was how my kids love the rye bread! They’re avid eaters of commercial tasty bread and don’t really ask for other types of bread unless they have no other options. Like when I bake artisan bread here and refuse to buy white bread from the store, hahaha!

Anna delivers!

If you’re wondering what other breakfast products Anna sells, here’s her price list:

You see that bread? Do you now understand what I mean? Haha! Gobble-gobble, yeah?

Anna accepts orders for pick-up or delivery. Cut off is every Thursdays, so be sure to order before then. To order, you can send her a message via O9l7-511-9833 (SMS or Viber).

Enjoy your breakfast!

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  1. Looking at the pricelist, di naman pala kamahalan. Sometimes, I need to consider the price when buying for our food because I need to budget. The reason as well that we dont always buy bacon even if the boys love them so much. Perhaps also the reason that the boys get excited over bacon is that we seldom have bacons. Ehehe.

    But what I like the most is the bread. And learned something today. I put margarine when I make sinangag. Bad pala margarine. Thanks for the share. At least now I know.

    1. Yes, sis!The products are reasonably priced. That’s why it’s a good alternative to the usual groceries if we’re buying the same items anyway. 🙂 Healthier versions.

  2. Oh my! Nakakagutom. All of us in the family love to eat bacon, hotdogs and bread. Ziggy especially LOVES bacon! We seldom buy it though because it can be pricey and is unhealthy nga. But this one looks like a great alternative. Good to know that they deliver. I definitely wanna try their products. 🙂

  3. I learned about margarine being bad for the health a few years back. So I don’t buy margarines and use butter too. Pero grabe ang sarap ng bacong! waa! Nakakagutom lalo ‘to. Tagal ko na di nakakakain ng bacon! haha. Occasional lang din ang kain namin nyan.

  4. Haizz, so many bad food. I don’t know anymore what to eat. My husband sometimes jokea that should stop eating all together and just drink water. Seriously though, I am happy there are now healthier options out in the market. Atleast now we have choices.

  5. I’ve been looking for healthy breakfast and baon meats, and here it is! I will try your tips on cooking bacon. Air-frying it makes it really crunchy too!

  6. Wow! After my lola got a mild stroke last week, my husband and I’ve decided to really live a healthier lifestyle.

    Looking at the pricelist, it is reasonable already considering it is a healthier version.

    Do they deliver outside Metro Manila? 🙂

    Parang natakam din ako sa Fresh Milk at Bread!

  7. I love bacon too! But I’m really interested on trying the Badaco/Bodaco Milk Brand ? But do you happen to know if they deliver as far as Fairview? :p or if not, where are their pick up points? Thanks mommy May ?

    1. Yes, pwede naman Grab Express. You just need to pay for delivery. 🙂 If you’re buying by bulk, sulit na rin.

  8. Hi everyone. This is Anna Viray. If you have questions or you would like to order, kindly message me at 0917-5119833. Thank you. ?

  9. Gaaah I’m salivating over the bread! It looks so good! The bacon, too – actually, everything pictured lol. Too bad it’s far from where I live 🙁

  10. I find sourdough a little weird for my liking, but yeah, with all the benefits that come with it, why not? And the bacon! I haven’t eaten breakfast/brunch yet and I’m starving because of your photos! Thanks for sharing, I’m checking out Harvest Circle 🙂

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