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School of ARDP’s Ballet Core Workout: Why you should take the class even if you’re not a dancer

I visited the School of Alice Reyes Dance Philippines (School of ARDP) at The City Club studio in Makati last Friday. A new class called Ballet Core Workout was being introduced and they opened it for all fitness levels, which means that even if you are not a ballet dancer nor aspiring to be one, you can join the workouts to stay fit and fab!

Now, if you are a dancer, of course, you are welcome!

The class is being taught by professional choreographer and dancer, and according to Pablo, a licensed Pilates instructor, Bonnie Guerrero, whose choreographic work, the romantic pas de deux for “Ano’ng gagawin mo ngayong pasko,” in ARDP’s Original Filipino Christmas ballet, Puso ng Pasko, was one of my top two favorites in the show.

What I’m saying here, really, is that you’re in good hands because your fitness coach has strong knowledge on how the human body works. That is very important in fitness coaches, otherwise, you’ll just have someone wear you down with unnecessary workouts that will not help you very much.

The class started with easy, warm-up exercises, progressing from simple ones to more demanding workouts, primarily using the barre. Some of the moderate to difficult exercises used resistance bands and mini exercise balls, all provided in the studio. However, Bonnie encouraged the participants to bring their own mats on their next session. I think it has a lot to do with hygiene because workouts are intended to make you perspire and your mat will most likely absorb a lot of your workout sweat.

I remember when I used to do workouts at a studio in Legaspi village and many of the participants brought their own mats despite the tons of mats that were available for everybody to use.

Anyway, there were no floor exercises that evening. But obviously, there will be, since the participants are told to bring their mats this Friday.

3 Reasons why you should do Ballet Core Workouts even if you’re not a dancer:

Ballet Core Workouts are very beneficial for dancers. Many of the movements and dances are rooted to the strength of a dancer’s core, so it’s very important that they train to strengthen it.

But if you are not a ballet dancer, here are some of the key benefits I learned that you can gain from these core exercises:

1. For toning and flexibility

Unlike your typical workouts, Ballet Core Workouts not only make you stronger and more sculpted but also give you some serious flexibility. Each move hones in on different muscle groups. Think hips, rear, arms, abs, and thighs – we’re covering all the bases!

And here’s the cool part: as you dive into these workouts, it’s not just about getting fit. You’ll notice a shift in your balance and grace. So, get ready to feel the burn and unleash your inner dancer vibes!

2. To improve your posture and alignment

Claudine Ng, one of the participants, told me that because she spends so much time in front of her laptop for work, she developed severe back pains. She suspected she had scoliosis so she underwent an MRI examination for it; but her findings showed that what she needed was to correct her posture and alignment and the ballet core workout was the perfect solution for her.

She actually also attends School of ARDP’s adult ballet class which already helped reduce the back pains she had been experiencing. The Ballet Core Workouts would help speed the process along at a very natural and gentle pace.

Ballet Core Workouts will guide your body into achieving perfect alignment and posture like that of a ballet dancer.

3. To help increase your mobility and improve your balance

Ballet Core Workouts strengthens core muscles that you use for daily activities, such us in lifting or walking and dancing, or even simple things like getting up from from the floor, helping you avoid injury.

I heard before that as you get older, you need to move more constantly, to sort of “oil” or lubricate your joints for mobility. I remember suffering an injury in the back of my right arm while doing some funny dancing with my kids, and it took me more than two years to heal. In fact, I still cannot do a lot of things I used to do before, like do push ups and the reverse, since it happened.

And that, my friends, is what you want to avoid.

Are you like me who likes to do long walks or hill hikes? Do you like to swim, still likes to climb and play or do things to stay active? Then, this class is for you!

I overheard one of the more seasoned ladies who attended, Christina, tell Bonnie how much her balance has improved. She surprised herself that evening when she balanced herself on one leg and held the pose longer than she had before.

Christina (ms. Nina to my boys!) also attends the adult ballet program at the School of ARDP.

Can you just imagine how much more she can accomplish in the coming weeks as she continues to attend the classes?

Here are other benefits that you gain by joining School of ARDP’s Ballet Core Workout (click the arrow on the right to flip through the post):

My children, Pablo, 18, and Lukas, 14, both ballet students, attend the class. Their friend, Reese, a professional ballet dancer, joined them that evening to try out the class. And when I asked them how it went, they were all saying how challenged they were with the arm exercises, they were laughing about how they were all huffing and puffing in that particular bit, but they enjoyed the class very much.

Here’s a video of the class to excite you even more:

Would you like to try out the class? School of Alice Reyes Dance Philippines’ Ballet Core Workouts are now being held on Wednesdays at 7:30pm at The City Club in Alphaland, Makati.

To inquire, you may contact them here:

School of Alice Reyes Dance Philippines
The City Club in Alphaland, 7232 Ayala Avenue, Makati
Mobile or Viber: 0945 807 1016
Official Facebook page:
Email: [email protected]


    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      You’re welcome! I have 1K OFF vouchers here for first time enrollees that I can give out to those who’d like to do the class. Let me know if you’d like to take one.

  • Stephanie

    This ballet class would be perfect for my workouts. It looks like fun which would keep me motivated. Also, I really need to strengthen my core!

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      Hi Nadjie!
      Please send a text or a viber message to 0945 807 1016 (School of ARDP Registrar), as I’m not so familiar with the fees for this class. 🙂

  • Kimberley

    Your post on the benefits of ballet core workouts is incredibly convincing! 💪 It’s fascinating to learn how incorporating elements of ballet into fitness routines can enhance core strength and overall well-being. Your explanations on posture improvement and the graceful yet effective movements make it enticing for those who may not be traditional dancers. Thanks for shedding light on the unique advantages of ballet-inspired workouts – a fantastic read for anyone looking to elevate their fitness game! Keep sharing these insightful tips!

  • Rosey

    Flexibilty and balance are important not to take for granted. I love the idea of doing ballet core workouts to keep those things finetuned and in order.

  • April

    I enjoyed learning about the benefits of Ballet Core Workouts for non-dancers from your article. The focus on toning, flexibility, posture, and balance, along with the use of varied exercises like barre and resistance bands, really showcases the versatility and depth of these workouts. This certainly inspires me to consider adding ballet core exercises to my fitness regime.

  • Melanie E

    This sounds like a great class for both those doing ballet and those that don’t. It sounds liek you get a good varied workout and that it can really help to strengthen your core, flexibilty etc.

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