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4 Features to Look for in a Reliable Strapless Bra

Strapless bras are a popular pairing for outfits that would reveal over-the-shoulder bra straps. These bras can be challenging to size appropriately, and bras without features that allow for a reliable fit can be prone to slip down. A strapless or backless strapless bra in the right size and with features for a comfortable fit can resolve this issue.

Here are four features to look for in a strapless bra.

More Hooks on Larger Size Bras

Most bras have hook and eye closures with three columns of eyes for adjusting the strap size. Bras in larger sizes may have four or more columns for a wider range of adjustment. The most reliable bras for large bust have settings that can keep bands from sliding down and ensure that cups provide a good fit at all times.

If a strapless bra does not provide a good fit on any of the available settings, consider buying a bra in a sister size. Bra straps and cups are sized based on a ratio. A strapless bra the next band size up and cup size down or a bra one band size down and cup size up will have the same cup volume and could offer a better fit.

No-Slip Grip

A silicone grip on the inner side of the band of a strapless bra can increase the comfort and reliability of this style. The best strapless bras feature no-slip grip on the top and bottom to ensure that these bras stay in place.

Strapless bras without a silicone grip are more likely to gradually slide down, even when properly sized. Once you try on a strapless bra with a no-slip grip, you are likely to prefer bras of this style that have this feature.

Cushioned Side Boning

Strapless bras often feature side boning for structure and support. The most comfortable designs put cushioning between these inserts and your body. Side boning may be more or less noticeable based on your breast shape and the fit of the band and cups.

The 24/7® Classic Strapless bra has cushioned side boning. Options for band sizes from 32 to 44 and cup sizes from AA to H can make it easier to get a reliable fit. If you need a looser band, consider a sister size in the next band size up and cup size down.

Detachable Straps

While the lack of straps is the main selling point of a strapless bra, having the option to attach straps allows for more reliable wear. Convertible or multiway straps that you can wear in the traditional setting, cross-back, over one shoulder or in other configurations make a strapless bra even more versatile.

These four features increase the reliability of a strapless bra. It is important to get strapless bras in the right band and cup size. A strapless style that provides a comfortable fit and has these features can be a reliable choice to wear on special occasions or any time you do not want visible bra straps.

*This article was written by Ariful Haque.

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