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Pablo sings for 3,600 people (MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL NUMBER)

In all his 5 years….

Pablo has never memorized an adult song.

He has never sung with a microphone.


He’s never sung with a minus-one, much more, with a live band.

He has never performed onstage.

When Jay called me to let me know that Pablo will sing for the mothers on Mother’s day, I froze.

I need to trust my kid more.

Pablo took on 3 different worship services.

He sang 3x in a hall with a capacity of 1, 200 people.

Cheers. Hoots. Sighs. A standing ovation.

Pablo brought the house down.

Every word was clear. Every note was perfect. His timing was impeccable.

And his boldness was outstanding. I was stunned!

Someone asked, “are you shy, Pablo?”

He answers, “I try, but no”.

Someone posted the VIDEO HERE

ENRICHMENT: Crash course on the basics of vocal performing: Melody, lyrics, sequence, timing, singing solo & duet and live performance with a band; Discipline in rehearsals, memorization and working with a team; Experiencing how it is to be with dad onstage.


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