Homeschooling: Interactive Science at Exploreum

We took the kids to Exploreum at SM Mall of Asia two Mondays ago.

It was just a spur of a moment thing for us. We took the kids for a stroll at SM by the bay, which is some sort of amusement park across the huge mall, but ran out of things to do, so we decided to go back to SM MOA to see what else we could do with our children.

Rates were affordable AND reasonable

It turned out, when we inquired, that the rates at Exploreum were so much more affordable than we initially thought. The tickets cost Php 250 only and were good for 3 hours, but we only had 1 hour left because we went in at 8 PM.

Jay and I agreed, though, that the hour was so worth what we paid for. We had so much fun and we all learned some new things. I thought it was fantastic!

Highly interactive museum

Exploreum was extremely interactive. Even without assistance from museum guides, the kids were able to pick up something from each exhibit.

There were buttons to press, and texts to read. They were able to get a feel of what it’s like to fly a plane, drive a car, pull out internal organs, pump air into lungs and type Braille.


The kids learned that all three of them run as fast as a field mouse with the Human race machine,

they observed the plasma ball,

pulled the pulley at the well,

and we all had a good laugh when I crashed against this large Pin Impression board!

They played seesaw, too!

We had the place all to ourselves!

We came near closing time on a Monday, we had the place all to ourselves, so the kids were able to run around a lot without us getting stressed about them bumping other people or getting lost among a crowd.

Since we didn’t have much time on our hands, we forgo of the planetarium and just explored the two-floor museum, and it was still worth it.

I like child-friendly places like Exploreum. I like that kids were allowed to climb into the exhibits and touch them. This is the kind of stuff that makes home schooling so much more enjoyable than it already is.

My kids were trying to figure out which part of their brain functions whenever they do something, even a week after our trip to Exploreum. Did you know that kids remember details better when they have fun?

We had one disappointment

The only disappointment we had was that the staff manning the ticket booth failed to inform Jay that the rates he paid for didn’t include the play area upstairs, when it was what got us buying tickets in the first place.

Our kids were so excited to enter the door leading to it, only to be told by the staff to exit the area because it wasn’t part of the payment we made. Oh well….

Membership is only at Php 600

Anyway, one of Exploreum’s staff informed us that membership is only Php 600 which gives you unlimited visits all year round, plus, you get to join their special events, too.

I’m not sure if it includes the play area, though, I’ll have to ask about that if we do sign the kids up for membership.

I’m considering it. Kids don’t really learn everything in one visit, if we come by everytime we visit SM MOA, I’m sure they’ll be able to learn more than the stuff they learned the first time.

You can find Exploreum on the ground floor of the Southside Entertainment mall of SM Mall of Asia.  If you happen to visit SM MOA, you might want to check it out with your kids. My kids love it so much they’ve been asking us when our next visit would be.  Your kids just might like it there, too!

I posted the other photos we took of the place on Fully Housewifed Facebook page.

**This is NOT a sponsored post.

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  1. Isn’t it nice that there are now world class museum in the country? I love Exploreum as well, but my boys prefer The Mind Museum (TMM) more. I guess that is because TMM has outdoor Science Park. My boys spent a half an hour just making gigantic bubbles.

    1. We have been able to visit TMM, too, with our eldest son, a few years ago. We haven’t revisited with our two younger kids. I do remember the outdoor play area. Our two younger boys will surely love running around that area. 🙂

  2. Anong nasa play area na yun at exclusive sya? Hehe. Anyway, I really like the concept! I think we have one here at our SM din but we haven’t had the chance to explore it yet. I’m encouraged to do so now because of this post! 😀

    1. It wasn’t part of the exhibit, sis. It was just a small play area for kids. Parang Dave’s fun house pero Science-oriented…It has slide and a few other stuff that the kids can romp at. Two floors kasi yung Exploreum tapos the play area occupies a part of the second floor kaya hubby was confused. He thought that when he was told that both the ground floor and the second floor were included in our tickets, kala niya it included that play area, too. Parang part kasi ng museum eh.

  3. The Exploreum looks and sounds like it’s really for little ones, unlike TMM which I think is geared towards those 8 and up. The P600 membership doesn’t sound bad at all! So far, we love The Science Centrum in Marikina which has similar interactive displays, but without aircon! Have to muster energy to go to MOA area! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You know, I’ve seen posts about Science Centrum in Marikina, ang ganda rin! But yun din ang problem namin, distance, heehee. No car kasi to use lately. Hard to travel with three kulit little kids.

      I agree about TMM, parang it’s for older kids nga, I think the outdoor play exhibit is the one for the younger kids. 🙂

  4. This is great place for kids. Php 250.00/person/adult or same rate with the kids or may discount pa? I want to bring my daughter here pero mukhang hindi pa nya maaapreciate to. I guess, mas maganda kung magpa member since it’s good for 1 year na compare na magbayad ka pa ng Php 250 per visit db. 🙂

  5. Will definitely try this. syang nmn the play ground isn’t included. What I want my kid to experience talaga is to visit the Mind Museum but its too expensive. I hope they would have a sale on discounted tickets. 🙂

  6. Oh we would love to try this! Bat kasi ang layo ng MOA from us. I remember there was a Nido Science Museum in MOA that I went to about 6yrs ago that’s also 2 levels. I wonder if it’s the same place pero binago na nila?

  7. Ang lapit na namin dito, May! After reading your post and the comments, I’m convinced to try exploreum first. Makakapaghintay ang TMM. Tambay Book Sale and Books for Less lang ang hilig namin sa MOA. We will include this in our budget this month or in January. Thanks for sharing! Yey, malapit na ang Friday. Kitakits!

  8. My hubby and our inaanak went there last year on a Nido event. Our inaanak had fun. Endless kwento until we went home. I was not allowed to get inside kasi preggy ako nun. 🙁 So I was wondering if okay sa kanila ang 9month old kong bulinggit. 🙂 Excited lang. Lahat gusto ipa-try sa anak.

  9. It had a different name before, right? Or was it different place altogether? Anyway, back when we were always at MOA (single days), I’ve seen the previous one of this and have always been curious to go inside. Now that I have kids, I’d definitely bring them there when we go. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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