MARS (MILO R2 Apex School): A family that runs together…

I’ve seen one of MILO’s R2 Apex school (MARS) in action at Bonifacio High Street. It was raining and me, Jay and the kids were trying not to get too wet as we tried to go back to F1 Hotel where we were checked in that night. It was some sort of cross training for runners.

It looked so much fun!
Coach Jim Saret and his wife, nutritionist, Toni, are big on people working out together. I was reading through a press release sent to me by MILO and it points out to some of the obstacles you’ll encounter when you’re working out such as fatigue and burnout. I’ve been trying to get fit and I can attest to that and add one more – boredom.

Sometimes, it’s just not that fun to work out alone.

That’s why I make my husband work out with me. We started with running at Track 30 with the kids, and there were times when I would make him do my dance workouts with me. He’s not much of a team, haha, I have yet to convince him to completely eliminate the junk from our diet, Β which is why I’m glad to have hooked up with some friends who are into fitness.

No, this wasn’t a MILO event. This is just one of those moments I’ve convinced Jay to play with me. Seriously.

We tend to encourage each other with our endeavors- you know, liking each other’s not-so glamorous pictures of ourselves working out that we post on social media and all that stuff. As coach Jim Saret says,Β “A lot of people look at exercise as something difficult to do. They know it’s going to be beneficial for them, but it is going to involve subjecting themselves to doing something hard. Nothing makes doing difficult things easier than doing it with others,”

Perhaps all my husband needs is to be with a group of people who are more focused on their fitness goals. He does want to get fit (and he’s really not that overweight), but for some people, it’s more encouraging to do it with a class, you know what I mean?


MARS now is in its 10th season. It’s become the biggest running camp in the country. But this year, aside from the conditioning workouts, running drills, and recovery and injury rehabilitation, they’ve added aqua training and trekking as part of the course for their students to experienceΒ a more diverse training methods used for training runners and athletes.

MILO dares to innovate with a team of world class team of sports science trainers, running coaches and physical therapists.Β 

According to Coaches Jim and Toni, many MARS participants in the past has signed up as an individual but ended with their entire family in tow.

MARS offers training programs that help you achieve an active and well-rounded lifestyle. They do it twice a year in Bonifacio Global City, SM Mall of Asia and Quezon City memorial circle.

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  1. yes, the best way to keep fit and active, is to befriend those who are already into fitness! they’ll be a great source of motivation on days you just felt like skipping a workout.

  2. Hello Mommy May!(: This is one of my goals, to run with my three boys! Haha(: It may take a while as my 1 year old is still learning how to walk. But running is definitely a good (and cheap) exercise!

  3. Maybe we should also attend a camp like this to get started on the fitness routine. It is just really difficult to break out of the daily routine to start something that will get you sweaty. This is especially when all you want to do after work is rest.

  4. Your other half is always your best supporter, your fan, your motivator.
    And there is always double the amount of determination and faith when both of you do things together.
    Love to see that. Envious! πŸ™‚

  5. Now this inspires me to run again. I often attend fun runs with my family but when I was placed on bed rest, hindi muna. In a few months, I’m excited to go back to it. Thanks for inspiring me! πŸ˜‰

  6. It is true! Most of us really find exercise hard to do even though we will become healthier with it. But it is true also that doing exercise and other forms of fitness is much easier with some people. No wonder I always see group of friends going to the gym, zumba, jogging, etc together. I guess, this is also the reason why I’m so lazy to start my exercise. I have no one to do it with and I feel easily bored (and tired!). Haha!

  7. Exercises and sports activities are great bonding activities with the family. I’m pretty sure your hubby will come around! My husband and I still have our own favorite sports but we also do something together like cycling and hiking.

    Had no idea that MARs is on its 10th season! Congrats to them! The Milo brand has always been a strong advocate for sports in the Philippines ever since I can remember.

  8. A family run sounds good. I walk three to four times a week with my parents. It’s a nice bonding time, plus, it keeps us all motivated.

  9. I believe its more encouraging and fun at the same time if you run with your family or friends who are also eager to be fit and healthy. I find running all by myself esp at night so boring if not for the music maybe i could only run like 15mins.

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