Love Mommyhood : Everything’s alright in my world

Kids have the simplest joys and they remind you so. We beat ourselves sometimes over not being able to give them the latest toys or gadgets or fashion, when no matter how “sophisticated” or “tech-savvy” they are, all they really ask for is our attention and time.

Okay, fine, sometimes they also ask for gadgets, haha!

I recently shifted to freelancing from a full time home-based job. Honestly, since my ass had been practically glued to my workstation for two years, I’ve been struggling on getting used to my new normal. Sometimes I forget that I now have time to spend with my kids, and that I can always schedule work much later in the day so I can home-school them first or play with them.

I did that the other day. I decided to get our Barrel of Monkeys set and took turns with the kids in trying to hook all twelve monkeys with just one hand.

We laughed a lot every time someone’s monkey would fall back to the pile, but that wasn’t the highlight of my afternoon. In the middle of the game, my two older kids alternately leaned to kiss me on my cheeks, then my 10-year old went, “I love you, mom!”  I was moved.

It was just a simple, old-fashioned game, but it was enough to make my preteen’s heart swell with happiness.  And I’m glad I was the reason why.

A few mornings before that, I decided to try the chocolate-flavored pudding I received from Milna Philippines and have them taste it.

I just thought about doing it a few minutes before they woke up, so I was sort of rushing to make it. The instructions on the box were pretty easy to follow, thank goodness, and I had little servings of pudding ready in no time.

My kids’ eyes lit up upon seeing the treat after they had their breakfast, and they laughed that it was labeled for toddlers, but they devoured the thing anyway, haha. I’m telling you, it was gone in a matter of seconds!

I didn’t let them eat the cereals, but they look pretty promising to me. Box says it’s packed with 12 Vitamins and Minerals, AA-DHA, Protein, Iron & Calcium. If I still have babies, I’m sure I’d be giving it to them. My kids ate baby cereals, along with real food when they were babies.

But anyway, I decided to just give the Milna cereals to someone whose baby would love them. I got two boxes – Brown Rice and Banana (which I am sure is a hit as no babies say no to bananas, seriously. Have you met a baby who’s said no to banana?) and  Beef Stews and Green Peas.

Oh, my kids loved the biscuits! I’m sorry, they were too quick to disappear into their mouths to their tummies, I wasn’t able to take photos. But they loved them.

They look more like cookies, too.

Okay, so I nibbed a bit because fellow mommy bloggers said they tried it, hehehe. I like it! They were yummertz.

Going back to my original point….Truth is, being a mom’s not always easy.

There are always toys to reach for under the bed, paint to scrub off the walls and floors, tomatoes under the mattress, and whining and crying to deal with everyday; and just today, I dun’now what my youngest was thinking (I read a book that they’re very, very experimental at 4 years old), instead of going to the bathroom, he watered down our refrigerator!  

Yup, that’s mommy-life for me. As my friend Millie would say, we’re just “keeping it real.”

The thing is, tender moments such as a kiss when I played with them, their giggles as they tried the pudding, or their arms wrapped tightly around me, they remind me of how much I cherish and love mommyhood.

So never mind if I had to throw away some vegetables today and totally disinfect the lower bin (and repent for screaming my kids’ head off today), I still love mommyhood. Everything is still right in my world.

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  1. Awwwww, buti pa kayo, you were able to make the pudding na. 🙂 No time pa.. OMG!!!

    Can we schedule for art classes with the kids, sometime next week?

    And yes, keeping it real is always the best! 🙂

  2. Tomatoes under the mattress? Seriously? Haha that’s something I have yet to experience. I hope I don’t have to, though.

    I totally agree, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to motherhood!

  3. Aawww… being a mother is really the best job on earth. Though we may be unpaid for the 24/7 duty we are rendering, but those laughters, hugs and kisses are the best pay we could ever get! Our bonding time may not be over pudding but with pancakes naman 🙂 sana i can make pudding din, looks yummy! ♥♥♥

  4. Looks like everything’s good in your world 🙂 OMG, I laughed my head off with tomatoes under the mattress. With a super curious 3-year-old, I know I’m in for some more adventures — silly, funny and strange. Very inspiring post. Life isn’t always perfect, but the little things make a big difference in this mommy world.

  5. Awww, this is exactly why I freelance. Time with my family has become more important to me. I love the freedom I have to schedule my day however I want. And I agree about kids just wanting us to give them time and attention. I’m glad that my Ziggy is very vocal about it though. It reminds me to take a break whenever I’m already spending too much time working.

  6. Being a mom is not easy and I witness it now with my cousins and aunts. And though it gets really tiring and annoying throughout the day, what matters is that the needs of the children are met and they had a great day with their childhood. A simple hug and kiss from them is enough to take all those stress away.

  7. There are times I feel guilty of not giving my kids enough attention because of my full time work so what I do, I make sure my weekends are well spent with them. And the advantage of working from home is you can still monitor them, I take a break from my home office table every 1 or 2 hours to check on them. 🙂

  8. It’s always so nice to have bonding moments with the kids. I hope when my time comes that I become a mom, regardless of how busy I am, I hope I can find more tie with them.

  9. I have a toddler now and every time he gets a new toy as a gift, he seems to be more interested in the box the toy came in rather than the actual toy itself! Haha! So yes, they know need gadgets! And lots of creative ways to play with the kids now, like making pudding and all. haha!

  10. True enough, they grow up too fast… so better make sure that they have enough childhood memories with you. I also take time to play with my kids, as a promise to provide them those moments that I had been deprived of when I was a kid. =)

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