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“I run because I can, I run for those who can’t,” Ferdie Cabiling, The Running Pastor

Sometimes the term “Pastor” can be sidetracking, which is probably why a running pastor would be something of a new,perhaps even strange, concept to many people. But the truth is that many men who have dedicated their lives in spreading the gospel and serving the church have more skills  than just preparing a sermon and delivering it.

Such men who use these skills to serve more and to inspire and encourage others. Such men like Ferdie Cabiling who began his Run 50 journey at 3 A.M. today, September 5.


“His legs are worth millions,” says Tito Salazar of Ferdie Cabiling in an interview with news site, Rappler. Tito Salazar had been been Ferdie Cabiling’s running coach for three years, and had been his coach as he conquered the 160K  Bataan Death March Run in 2012.

Cabiling’s first marathon was the Run for Pasig River Marathon in 2009. He had then participated in an impressive list of long-distance marathons that include the 65K Western Pangasinan Ultra Road Race in August 2011 and the 60K Fort Magsaysay to Dinangalan run in July 2011. He had been participating in the Bataan Death March run three years in a row.

For Run 50, Ferdie Cabiling will be running across the Philippines, running 50K a day for 44 days. He will also be turning 50 during the course of his personal Ultra-Marathon.

Run 50 is for the benefit of Real Life Foundation, a Christian non-profit organization that provides support to underprivileged Filipinos who do not have access to education, and lends a hand in transforming their communities through community service.

Ferdie Cabiling’s Run 50 is raising Php 1,000 for every kilometer he covers.

I personally know someone who completed her education through the assistance of Real Life Foundation. She now works for one of  the most established tech companies based in the U.S.. But more so, she serves with us as a volunteer in the Kids Music Team in Victory Fort, teaching and training musicians and singers, and raising leaders alongside her husband, on a vision of God-fearing nations.

For its entirety, Ferdie Cabiling is doing Run 50 for these 7 reasons:

1. For health.
2. For the scholars of Real Life Foundation.
3. For peace of the city – by intercession, prayer and gospel proclamation for those in authority. He will do courtesy calls to the city halls of the cities and towns he will pass through.
4. For evangelical Christians. He will be preaching on Sundays at the Victory churches and Bible-believing churches along the course of Run 50.
5. For the nation. For the OFW’s. For God’s grand plan for us.
6. For those who can’t. There are many people who do not have the ability to walk or run, including his son who was born with a condition, Sturgeon-Weber syndrome, which rendered him dragging his right leg every time he tries to get up on his feet and walk.  He serves as Ferdie Cabiling’s inspiration for his runs.
7. As a believer of Christ.

” I believe God made me for a purpose and He also made me fast.  When I run, I feel His pleasure”- Eric Lidell, Chariots of Fire.

(This campaign has been completed and archived. For those who want to donate to Real Life Foundation, you may visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/reallifeph )


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