Giveaway: Win a Lorins Christmas Gift pack this holiday season!

*Winners for this giveaway has been announced.

You must be familiar with Lorins, the name’s been around for ages. I grew up with Lorins patis (anchovy extract) around the house and I’m pretty sure most of you have, too.

The thing about us Filipinos is that we have a certain liking for rich-tasting dishes. We even pair already-cooked dishes with spices to enhance the flavor even more. For example, Kare Kare isn’t Kare Kare without Alamang to liven it up, and if you’re anything like me, you eat Sinigang with patis, haha!

Jay’s Menudo using Lorins Extra Virgin Anchovy Extract

We make eating a fun and enjoyable experience for all of us, agreed?

Natural flavor enhancers

Here in our home, we’ve let go of artificial flavor enhancers which can be a challenge. Yes, herbs are great, but they’re not usually used for Filipino dishes.

My husband was the one who introduced me to using patis and alamang to enhance the dishes we serve. He uses Alamang Guisado for sauteed dishes and Anchovy extract for Menudo and Afritada.

If he has his way, all our dishes will have Alamang Guisado or Anchovy Extract.

Veggies in coconut milk made special with Lorins Alamang Guisado by Jerzee of Coffee and Beyond

Lorins Alamang Guisado, the regular one, has been around since the 70’s, but the brand has rolled out two more exciting variants in 2015 — Sweet and Spicy.

There are a lot of Alamang Guisado sold in the market, but Lorins variants are comparably richer in texture and consistency than other brands.

Lorins Extra Virgin Anchovy Extract was introduced that same year. Have you tried it? I have and Menudo will never be the same again without it.

“Lorins Extra Virgin Anchovy Extract comes from first anchovy extract,” according to the information I’ve been given. It also has “12-14% protein content” which makes it more flavorful than its contenders.

Did you also notice it’s “extra virgin?”

At a recent cooking event, I’ve learned to associate the term “extra virgin” to salads. Aside from being a flavor enhancer for regular dishes, you can use it as a salad dressing, as well, among others.

Giveaway Mechanics:

Now for the giveaway.

*Basket not included.

In partnership with Lorenzana Food Corporation, I’m giving away Lorins Christmas Gift Packs to 3 lucky winners! Each pack contains 8 Lorins Extra Virgin Anchovy Extract and Guisado Alamang products.

Here’s how to join:

1. Visit and follow Lorins Official on Facebook.

2. Share this blog on Facebook with a creative caption (e.g. Lorins is absolutely a part of our Christmas noche buena every year!) and tag @LorinsOfficial and @fullyhousewifed on Facebook.

3. In the comment section of this blog post, tell me what dishes you plan to cook using Lorins products. Then include your name and active email address.

Make sure you have followed all three steps, especially the tagging part because I check all entries.  

I will announce the winners on Fully Housewifed Facebook page on December 18, 9 AM. All winners will also receive an official email from me.

*Please note that all prizes are for pick up at Market Market, Bonifacio Global City area. 

That is all!

I’ll be sharing some holiday recipes using Lorins Extra Virgin Anchovy Extract and Lorins Guisado Alamang variants in the coming weeks, so stay connected.

Let’s start cooking, shall we?

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  1. Every year I don’t really much have time on cooking our noche buena because of work. We usually end up buying ready meals. But this year, thankful that Christmas Day is on a weekend, its a great reason to finally prepare a decent meal for my family. I always wanted to learn how to cook Kare-Kare so I will pair it with Lorins Alamang Guisado! Just thinking of it makes me drool! Hoping to win!

    Neri Ann Narvaez
    [email protected]

  2. Lorins is one of our trusted brands since birth specifically its patis na perfect na perfect na panggisa at pang-sawsawan! I haven’t tasted the bagoong guisado and like Neri Ann said, siguradong masarap na i-partner sa Kare-Kare.

    Sharon Joyce Valdez
    [email protected]

  3. If you visit my place now, you’ll only find Lorins Fish Sauce in my cupboard. Fish Sauce is patis , right? I use this so often, in every dish and it makes them oh so delish! I didn’t know they already got other products like the anchovy extract. Now time to whip up new and exciting dishes using other products from Lorins. Please pick me 🙂

    Erica Yu-B

  4. I will use Lorrins products panghalo po sa sawsawan sa aming Chicken and Lechon! And idadagdag ko rin po yan sa aking specialty recipe na Humba!! Talagang mas lalasap at sasarap ang aking mga lulutuin! I love to cook! lalo na kung tlgang kumpleto at malinamnam mga panimpla! Merry Christmas!! God Bless Us All!!

  5. I will use Lorrins products panghalo po sa sawsawan sa aming Chicken and Lechon! And idadagdag ko rin po yan sa aking specialty recipe na Humba!! Talagang mas lalasap at sasarap ang aking mga lulutuin! I love to cook! lalo na kung tlgang kumpleto at malinamnam mga panimpla! Merry Christmas!! God Bless Us All!!

    Samantha A. Aguilar
    [email protected]

  6. Now that I discovered Lorins’ line of Alamang Guisado, I don’t have to worry about forgetting alamang for my kare-kare! My crispy lechon kare-kare has now found it’s official partner! Haha

    Merlina Palencia
    [email protected]

  7. For the coming holidays I am excited to prepare a typical British fare of classic beef stew for hubby enhanced with the umami taste that the Lorins’ extra virgin anchovy extract gives!!! Also plan to create a creamy penne pasta with Lorins’ Spicy Guisado Alamang!!! Although on its own hubby and I can enjoy Lorins’ Alamang Sweet or Spicy with lime…and kanin on the side…lol!!

    Name: Carmencita Watkins
    Email Address: [email protected]

    1. Hi Carmencita! Don’t forget to share the blog on Facebook and tag @fullyhousewifed and @LorinsOfficial. 🙂

  8. I plan to prepare Baked Prawns, Chicken Macaroni Salad, Baked Macaroni and Buko Salad.

    For our main dish- Baked Prawns, I never fail to use Lorins patis as sawsawan to my prawns or any seafood dishes. Ask my family? I love Lorins patis!

    Vivian Aguilar
    [email protected]

    1. Hi Vivian! Don’t forget to share the blog on Facebook and tag @fullyhousewifed and @LorinsOfficial. 🙂

  9. Every Christmas i cooked roasted Chicken and I use Lorins Premium Patis to marinate Chicken. Sobrang sarap ng kinalabasan hindi maalat tamang tama lang ang lasa at malinamnam. Kaya kay Lorins lang ako palagi magtitiwala at never akong binigo sa kahit anong lutuin ko. Thanks Lorins for making my dishes PERFECT!

    [email protected]
    Maribel R.Mendoza

  10. Every Year kasama lagi sa kusina ang Lorins,binibigyan lasa at sarap nito ang aking mga lutuin tulad ng menudo,ngayun darating na Christmas siguradong mas lalong sasarap ang lulutuin kong mechadodahil kasama ko ulit ang Lorins products!
    Ann Valdez
    [email protected]

  11. Simula nun highschool ako ,Lorins na ang nakita ko na gamit ng Lola sa pagluluto kaya pala paging masarap lalo na ang Nilagang Baboy. Las malinamnam at malasa.Kaya naman kahit meron na along sailing pamilya ito parin ang ginagamit ko. Di lang po towing may occasion pati sa pagluluto ng pagkain nmin sa araw-araw. Gagamiting ko ang Lorins para lalong sumarap ang Menudo,Kaldereta at Nilagang Baboy ngayon Pasok at Bagong Taon.

    Salamat po and Merry Christmas !
    Godbless po

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