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Cheap Cryotherapy and what happens behind the scenes when you avail it

Yesterday, I went to a beauty clinic in our area to try their cryotherapy treatment on promo for only Php 499. Cryotherapy is a non-invasive weight loss treatment where a machine is used to freeze your fats.

I’ve been seeing a lot of these promos on my Facebook feed and decided to bite. I wanted to see if it’s an effective way to speed things up for me (if you’ve been following my posts, you know that I’ve been desperate to lose weight) and if the packages are affordable.

Of course, I’m aware it’s part of a marketing strategy and that they’ll be selling me the real deal, which are usually quite pricey. It’s not my first time to encounter this type of marketing. The only difference with the stuff I’ve encountered in the past is that I wasn’t approached for this one. I responded to an ad.

Avoiding the question

The thing is, I’m really interested to see if this is something I can give to myself, but of course, as any middle class, married-with-kids citizen, it would depend if the price (or the payment terms) of the treatment fits the current budget, and if I can commit to the schedule. It’s my first time, you see, so I didn’t know if the schedules are kept strictly on specific dates.

At the moment, we are poised to relocate because we’re having our first house constructed (long story, I’ll tell you another time). The trips back and forth the site which is in the South, the packing of our things, and the actual move, on top of our work schedules and the kids’ trainings, classes and other activities makes it an erratic season for us.

When I inquired, I asked the person online how many treatments are needed and if the price is applicable for all sessions. He says they can only give the discounted price of Php 499 on the first visit and that there’s already a visible improvement after one treatment.

I don’t know about you, but that’s telling me that I don’t really have to go back because one session is already enough.

When they called to confirm my schedule, I asked if the promo price is applicable if I get treatment for more than one area of my body and he said he wasn’t sure, but that there will be a consultation anyway, so I can ask them, myself. He added, “but I’m sure they can grant that.”

On the day of the treatment, I came 15 minutes late because I couldn’t book a car and it was raining. I normally just walk to the mall because it’s not really far and I love to walk. When I got there, I was told that since I was late, I should come back after 20 minutes because someone else already took my slot.

I asked the same question to the “robed” staff and was told that no, they only give the promo for one area, I’ll have to pay for the rest at the actual price of Php 13,000 per area. Since I wasn’t prepared to shed that amount yesterday, I just decided to go ahead with the treatment I had scheduled.

When I was on the treatment table, I asked the one attending to me why they have this promo since the price is too low. She said it’s because they want people who cannot afford it to be able to try it.

But I was genuinely interested to avail of the treatment!

I asked a few more questions because I was interested in the treatments they offer and actually really considering it. But she launched into sales-talking me which made me very uncomfortable because although I have no complaint about their price (I get prices, my company sells an online business program for 3,000 AUD/month, hello!), my hands are tied. We do have some expenses and a crazy schedule going on – so I couldn’t simply commit.

And if that wasn’t uncomfortable enough, she left the room and came back with another robed girl who tried to convince me to pay half of the package price of a 3-in-1 treatment worth Php 15,000). But I just cannot commit to paying that price just yet. Like I said — I’m a middle class, married-with-kids gal, I need to prepare the budget.

They explained that the special packages are only available for you on the day you come for the promo treatment. If you leave the clinic without “taking advantage”of the special packages, you cannot avail them anymore. You’ll have to pay the regular price of these treatments, which were no less than Php 10,000 for each 30-minute session, if you come at another time. So I said, okay.


I’m okay with the prices because to be honest, I felt the change after my cryotherapy session was done. I felt that my clothes were a lot looser and Jay said I do look smaller when I came out. Besides, if you know me as a consumer, you know that I take prices as they are. I’m either a yes or a no girl. It’s not in my system to bargain – my friends know this very well.

The only times I strip myself off my pride are for my children because there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them.

I don’t think less of the treatments, but after I made it clear that I wasn’t going to avail of the packages they were offering upfront, they all just disappeared after I was done . I pretty much walked out from there without anyone assisting me. In fact, there was no one at all when I went out the room and out the door. It was total abandonment, haha! And I’m big on customer relations because it’s part of what I do.

But that’s okay because I found a package in another clinic in the South that’s more doable for me in terms of payment. They were more upfront with their prices, and didn’t need to resort to bringing the price down to Php 499, but offered a doable payment scheme for not-so-rich people like me, haha! I just have to find out the schedule of sessions, because the package is for 10 sessions, which is a lot of days to commit to considering our current schedule! A friend of mine has availed this package, so I know that it is not a scam. There are 10 sessions because it includes both weight and skin treatments. I’ll tell you more about it once I’ve booked and started treatment.

Visible results in one session, but……

So that’s it. You’ll find many of these Php 499 treatments being promoted on your newsfeed. Just be aware that it may be good to really choose carefully which clinic you want to go to, because there are plenty to choose from, and to have your funds ready once you decide. One visit is hardly enough for these things, trust me. They’re intended for more than one session.

In my case, one cryotherapy treatment is effective, but according to the robed staff (not sure if they’re doctors, they didn’t introduce themselves), you need at least three to really see how effective it is.

But she also mentioned you need to maintain it with a good, healthy diet, so there’s that. Before they abandoned me, I was told that I cannot eat for 4 hours, but could drink warm water, coffee or tea. Just to be on the safe side, I fasted four hours.

I don’t want to mention the name of the clinic because I don’t want to get sued, haha. I just want to share what it was like in case you’ve been curious about these promos. It was exactly what I expected, to be honest! This marketing strategy is consistent with many business models in the Philippines, including hotels and restaurants, so I reckon, it’s the same for all clinics with this type of promo.


  • Beth

    I love this post. NEVER jump head first into anything.A legitimate treatment can always be coopted by scam artists to take your money without doing a good job, or even worse – doing a terrible job.

  • Sienna

    Wow that’s crazy. Don’t love that they didn’t help you once you said it was too much. Not cool. I’ve seen some ridiculous promos too.

  • Christian Foremost

    Omg, I was a target of this type of advertising as well. I once went to a non-surgical jawline treatment. They advertised it for only 899, but when I finally went they, they were trying to sell me the complete package for 100,000. Like I don’t have that kind of money! And it was really hard to get out of that room without saying “yes” to their ridiculous offers!

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      Dibaaa? I know it’s marketing and all, but it’s such bad marketing. It’s too pushy, almost shaming. It’s not that I cannot afford Php 13,000, it’s just that it takes a while to lay away that kind of money thrice when you have other bills to pay for. I’d rather be told up front how much the packages are so I can plan my budget and all. I decided to go for another service in Paranaque. They advertised their packages, hindi bulaga, haha!

      Also this one said they were the lowest at their promo offer of 13K, but not really. Found another who offers it at the moment at promo Php 4K for all your visits. Hindi yung 499 lang sa una, haha!

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