Parenting: The Salvation Conversation


Conversation over dinner: Pablo, 12 (to Lukas, 9): Everybody eventually dies. You will die someday and you will go to God. Me (curiously, to Pablo): Are you going to heaven? Pablo: Yes! Me: How do you know that? Pablo: Because Jesus is my LORD and Savior. Me (turning to Lukas): What about you? Are you going to heaven? Lukas: Yes! Me: How do you know? Lukas: Because I believe in Jesus Christ. Because he died for me. Me (turns to Judah, 7): Are you going to heaven? Judah: Yes! Me: Why are you going to heaven? Judah: You know why? […]

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Easy Recipes: Creamy 3-Cheese Chicken with veggies

From time to time, we would invite couples over to our house for dinner. They’re usually couples from our Bible Study group or our church, and sometimes, friends whom we’ve known for a while. Other times, we invite people we just met. We have a tiny house and we can’t fit too many humans in here, but we have learned to open our doors to  people whatever the size of our home is. Parking is a bit of problem here in our area, we always have to plan and arrange parking for our guests days ahead, but by God’s grace, […]

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Boys in Ballet

I remember watching a bunch of teens perform in church several years ago. They were all wonderful dancers and we enjoyed their routine very much. However, in about 8-12 kids, one was a head above the rest in terms of technique. I knew right then and there that this one had years of training up his belt, and quite possibly, in ballet.  I was right. That’s the thing about dance. If you look hard enough, you’ll be able to distinguish between the good dancers from the trained ones. Training brings out the best in every dancer and ballet is dance’s […]

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My Eyelash and Make-up Tutorial Experience with Colyn Jacob

It’s funny how I spent years doing gigs and performing onstage without learning how to put on my make-up properly.  I mean, it’s an essential skill for anyone facing an audience. The other girl in my band got obsessed with makeup and learned how to do it off fashion magazines and YouTube videos, but I could never relate. I was perfectly happy with my plain, barely made up, kilay-less face. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I was not kikay at all in my younger years. I got away with hardly any make-up and just being hygienic. I obsessed […]

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A Hassle-Free Fun Kiddie Birthday Party

Our middle child, Lukas, celebrated his 9th birthday earlier this week. We invited a handful of friends to celebrate it with him with play time at Kidzoona and an early dinner at McDonald’s afterwards. Lukas was so excited, it was his first time to hold a party on his birthday with his friends. For the past several years, we’ve celebrated his birthday much, much simpler — usually just us, family, which I honestly think is okay because it helps us teach them to live without a sense of entitlement. And to appreciate and enjoy the company of family on their special […]

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