Home Cooking with the Tornadoes

I promised the kids that I will teach them to cook more this school year. We started our home school year in January and home cooking would be a great life skill to teach them. Besides, they love helping me out in the kitchen. They don’t mind chopping veggies and would beg me sometimes to let them put the ingredients into the pot, so why not take advantage of their interest in the kitchen, right? So I started teaching them basic Filipino dishes, like Sinigang (Tamarind soup), Chicken Adobo, Tinolang Manok (Boiled Chicken in ginger soup) and some of their […]

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Boys in Ballet: Let them surprise you!

It’s been two weeks since our boys started attending ballet classes with Twinkle Toes Ballet & Music Academy in BGC and I can’t help but rave about our youngest son, 7-year old Judah. Don’t get me wrong, I’m equally proud of all our three boys. All three of them show up excited to learn from Teacher Tara Leach and she’s told us twice that they show great potential in ballet. But if you know Judah’s backstory, you’ll understand why I’m brimming with pride for this little boy.   As I’ve told Teacher Tara, this is the first time I’ve seen Judah […]

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Review: Kaizen 10 Minute Haircut

We originally planned to watch Avengers: Infinity War at a later date but didn’t have sufficient powers to resist social media hype. We ended up braving the long line at Metro Market! Market! yesterday and got ourselves tickets to their Cinema 2’s last full show at 10 P.M. We had a lot of time to spare even when we were planning to have dinner since we were there at around 6 PM, so when I spotted Kaizen 10 Minute Haircut at the corner of the same floor, I thought it would be a good time to give the boys their […]

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Parenting: The Salvation Conversation


Conversation over dinner: Pablo, 12 (to Lukas, 9): Everybody eventually dies. You will die someday and you will go to God. Me (curiously, to Pablo): Are you going to heaven? Pablo: Yes! Me: How do you know that? Pablo: Because Jesus is my LORD and Savior. Me (turning to Lukas): What about you? Are you going to heaven? Lukas: Yes! Me: How do you know? Lukas: Because I believe in Jesus Christ. Because he died for me. Me (turns to Judah, 7): Are you going to heaven? Judah: Yes! Me: Why are you going to heaven? Judah: You know why? […]

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Easy Recipes: Creamy 3-Cheese Chicken with veggies

From time to time, we would invite couples over to our house for dinner. They’re usually couples from our Bible Study group or our church, and sometimes, friends whom we’ve known for a while. Other times, we invite people we just met. We have a tiny house and we can’t fit too many humans in here, but we have learned to open our doors to  people whatever the size of our home is. Parking is a bit of problem here in our area, we always have to plan and arrange parking for our guests days ahead, but by God’s grace, […]

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