Hotel Booking Websites: Why Do You Need Them?

Travelling is one of the world’s leading leisure activities. Even though there are some risks involved, it is the adventure that lures people in. There’s just something about being in an unknown location, learning about the people, their culture, eating their food, and exploring the places. It is like living as they are, experiencing what they have.

Some people might label this as appropriation, but there is a definitive line differentiating it from appreciation. According to this page, there is nothing wrong with experiencing other cultures but trying to own it is another issue.

hotel-bookingsMeanwhile, lodging is one of the key aspects of traveling anywhere. After all, you would not want to stay in the sky if you are going to go on an overnight trip. It can be a possibility, especially if you are going camping. There are so many places around the world that is safe for travelers to just sleep almost anywhere.

Most of these places are in the countryside as well, making it easy to claim space and sleep there. Make sure that it is safe though, as you are a stranger to this land. If you are planning on doing this, here are some of the things that you need to know: 10 Booking Hacks to Score the Cheapest Hotel.

Lodging Issues

On the other hand, this is not possible if you are going to a metropolitan city. You can go and sleep in their parks, but it is not a guarantee that you will still have all of your belongings the next day.

Some cities do not allow people to sleep in public places. Aside from being too dangerous, there are also a lot of issues that go along with it. It would be best to rent a place that you can sleep in for the night. Also, you can keep some of your belongings here so that you do not have to bring it around.

However, choosing the hotel has its own set of problems. Before, people had to call each establishment individually before they could make a reservation. On one hand, this is great since you are being entertained directly by personnel who work there. On the other one, it takes too much time to contact them.

If you are trying to go overseas, it is even far worse. Nowadays, the internet has simplified the process and created numerous avenues for these establishments to help their customers. You can now connect with them as soon as you search for their site online.

Now, there are so many hotel booking sites available for you! You can search for the hotel based on your destination and find the best hotel deals available. There are some tips and tricks that you need to know though it can get quite confusing navigating some of these sites. Also, you need to be quite careful while going through the internet as some websites can scam you.

Tips on Choosing a Good Booking Website


  • Read what their website is all about

This might seem odd, but you do need to read what the website is offering to its users. Some sites offer to just book your hotel stay and nothing else. Some do advertise that their services can give you a more affordable hotel experience. Others even recommend where you can go with your hotel of choice.

For a better overview of the website, you can always read the about section if it is available. It gives you the idea as to how it was formed and the values that they can offer to the customer.

  • Check out the reviews and see if they are reliable

Another way for you to know that they are a great website for booking is the reviews. It is rather important to read most of them. Do not always rely on the good reviews though, as it can be misleading. Try to read the negative ones as well so you can weigh the pros and cons better.

Some sites tend to delete some comments that prove irrelevant or “baseless.” This is a sign of a great website as they care for what they post online. It is not just for the business but for the welfare of their customers. However, make sure to think long and hard before you delete comments as it may negatively impact your business, like so.

  • Updates should be recent

You also need to check whether the content they are giving is updated from time to time. The pricing and the amenities should reflect what is currently available in their systems. In case of any error, the website or the hotel’s management should be able to rectify the issue before it becomes worse. Updates are important so that no one will be fed with false information, and that can be quite dangerous at times.

  • Easy to Use Interface

This is the epitome of a great website. All of the content should be accessible from the get-go. If there are discounts, they should be presented properly. It also shows the honesty of the website offering such prices for its customers.

Once you search for a hotel, the search system must also be precise so that the need of the user would be fulfilled as much as possible. Even people with less knowledge of technology should be able to use their website. Learn more about how to adjust here: Explaining Technology – How to Communicate the Benefits.


Booking websites might be a strange thing for some people, but the whole world has embraced it as a part of their vacation experience. It is so much easier to make reservations now, as well as cancellations and reschedules. You do not have to go through hoops just to contact the hotel you wanted. Also, it is so much more comfortable for people to stay in and the amenities can be a part of the vacation.

However, you still need to be quite careful in making reservations online. You need to find a trustworthy booking website that can help you with what you need. It may take some time, and you would need to read a lot of reviews. It will all be worth it though, as the information that you will gain can help you decide on which one would be best for your vacation. Remember to keep track of your reservation so that you will have ample time to prepare.

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  1. These days, we should be really cautious in reserving a spot on the web, even if it might require some investment. Most especially now that we should follow protocol. I can’t stop wondering what the future of hospitality businesses will look like in The New Normal.

  2. This is one of the most helpful things to look up to! For all the travelers out there… this have helped me a lot specially for those who dont want to be scammed online

  3. I agree with you momsh. pinaka best thing to do once you plan for a trip is book your accommodation first. be it airbnb or hotel. yung last ko na booking for boracay, i tried sa yata then nun malapit na nag ask ako sa hotel regarding my booking hindi ko alam why we ended up canceling yung and nag direct to website na lang ako. hahaha di ko maalala eh. pero alam ko mas mura or something. good kasi yung customer relations nila eh sumasagot talaga.

  4. We’ve been using the WOTIF website for hotels and Airbnb’s for more local and experiential travel. Surprisingly, there are many good Airbnb’s we tried and all transactions went smoothly, including the refund process.

  5. I prefer booking thru sites like Agoda, Airbnb or for my trips. Mas kampante ako kasi may mga “book now pay later” options sila or sometimes, they offer it cheaper than the company website 😊

  6. I agree to skim the website first because choosing it to book your stay. I have never tried booking online for myself. My dad is a hotelier and he decides where and how to book. However, I try to learn and reason alone for my future solo travels.

  7. I’m a sucker of booking websites myself since it’s less-hassle and sometimes, they really offer cheaper prices compared to booking directly in a hotel’s website. But I’m also the kind of traveler who spends so much time reading reviews about a site, so I’m quite fortunate that I have never been disappointed with any of my hotel bookings. Lalo na pag solo traveler, kelangan triple ingat sa mga booking websites talaga.

  8. These are some very good tips, especially when you’re staying for a couple of days overseas. I prefer booking my hotels online as well and of course, read as many as the reviews of the place first. Also on the lookout for those deals or bargains. Haha

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