10 Practical ways to save money you may have overlooked

What works for you when you budget your finances? For us, the most effective strategy to date is the envelope method. The envelope method is when you mark envelopes with your expenses (e.g. Electricity bill, Water bill, etc.) then allocate an amount for each expense from your salary. In this way, we had been able to apply control over our spendings, pay off the priorities,  and set aside money for our savings.   A lot of people tell me they just don’t have money to save, and I think that perhaps for some people, it’s true. For others, though, I […]

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PhilCare ERVantage Plus: Affordable HMO for your family’s hospitalizations

One of the biggest regrets I have in my life is having squandered the income I once had, and not being smart enough to secure health insurances for myself and for the people I love at a time when I best could. If you’ve read my past posts on finances, you’d know that my husband and I have only been able to turn our finances around nearing our 40’s. it’s not a pretty picture, to be honest, but what’s a couple to do but to get our act together anyway and push forward, right? Lucky for us, we live in […]

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Money Matters: The Philippine Market Outlook 2017 and the Small Investor

As a newbie investor, I try my best to understand the processes involving my investments. I find that it’s good to know how the market is and where it’s going,how the peso is performing, and how the current world issues are seen to affect the local economy. I can’t speak for other investors, but I like knowing what to expect from my investments and whatever could cause its increase or decrease. I find that it gives me the opportunity to figure out my way through and maximise my options as an investor. I may have not been able to join […]

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