How to Entertain without Breaking the Bank

If you like to entertain friends regularly then you’ll know that entertaining isn’t cheap, especially when done well. If you have a large gathering coming up for a special occasion, or even if you just want to host a small get together with friends and you’re on a budget, then you’re probably looking for ways to make your home as inviting as possible without breaking the bank. Here are a few ways to do it. Buy Used Dining Ware If you’re into tablescaping or even if you have no idea what that is, and you’re just interested in hosting a charming […]

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How to Open a Fun Savers Club Account at Metrobank

I sent my 9-year old off to the Metrobank to open a Fun Savers Club bank account last July 17. He was accompanied by his dad. He recently bagged a project as a voice talent for an insurance ad, and I thought it was only right that the check be in his name and deposited in his own bank account – just like his 12-year old brother, Pablo, when he played roles in a couple of musicals. We chose Metrobank simply because Pablo’s receivables were in Metrobank checks, and because they accept checks under the child’s name. We originally opened […]

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10 Practical ways to save money you may have overlooked

What works for you when you budget your finances? For us, the most effective strategy to date is the envelope method. The envelope method is when you mark envelopes with your expenses (e.g. Electricity bill, Water bill, etc.) then allocate an amount for each expense from your salary. In this way, we had been able to apply control over our spendings, pay off the priorities,  and set aside money for our savings.   A lot of people tell me they just don’t have money to save, and I think that perhaps for some people, it’s true. For others, though, I […]

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