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Money Matters: What on earth is BLISS for a #LiveFREEPH?

You’ve probably come across blogs on BLISS for a #LiveFREEPH and dismissed it as just another promo or package that Sun Life Financial came up with.

Some of you may have seen the image that’s half bleak and half sunny, but didn’t really understand what it was about.


So let me tell you straight out: BLISS for a #LiveFREEPH is an app on Facebook. And no, there’s no need to download it. You participate in it right off your Facebook.


What’s it about?

Well, basically it’s a survey on the current situation of Filipinos, whether their needs are being met in terms of income, food, shelter, medical expenses, education, work, careers, and work-life balance, and gauging the outlook they have of their future.

It’s a really good set of questions. It makes you really reflect on how you feel about your financial security and how you plan for your future.

My children’s future automatically came to mind while I was going through the questions. I think I see our family’s future in a positive, hopeful light despite the difficulties we encounter.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve answered:


I have to tell you, I’ve answered a lot of surveys but this one doesn’t feel intrusive at all. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been to one of their talks and I know of friends who represent Sun Life Financial, my cousin’s even one of them, I heard, that I trust these questions.

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What’s it for?

Sun Life Foundation’s Executive Director, Anne Zillah Flores, says it best, “Sun Life Foundation believes in action that is powered by insight, and we’re bringing that to the social media platform through BLISS. We’re taking it further by actually responding to the gaps that will be determined. We will fund projects to help communities with bleak prospects so they can adopt a brighter outlook.”

That’s the significance of your answers!

I’m so glad I answered as honestly as I could because our answers would be part of the information that they will use to fund projects to help better communities.

I believe in the impact a unit makes on an entire nation. You change a person’s life, you also touch the lives of the people around this person, did you know that? What more a community!

To put it simply, you contribute to making a difference in the lives of fellow Filipinos by participating in BLISS. Who knows, your community might be the target of a project that can change your lives?

So here you go, if you want to participate, click this link:


Oh, just so you know, by participating, you get a chance to win awesome prizes, too, like iPad Air. So, go ahead and add in your insights!

Special thanks to Travelmates Brian Macasa and Arnel Bautista for inviting me to the #LiveFREEPH D-talks with Inigo Pascual on Twitter last August 28. It was a lot of fun!