Why I’m excited to try out mySlim with Yerba Mate

I was just chatting with a friend over FB this morning (which is funny because she just lives on the floor below ours, haha!) and she showed me a photo of a slimmer us just a year and a half ago. For motivation, she says.  I was telling her that that I was going to try mySlim with Yerba Mate very soon and she was trying to encourage me.

I’m in a really bad weight rut and I’ve been struggling to lose some of the excess weight the past several months. I’ve tried a few organic products, did exercise on and off but sadly, my metabolism is not working like it used to.


I’m not even going to tell you how heavy I am right now. I do have a scale safely tucked in the cabinet below my oven and I’m just too afraid to look at it lately. I know I’m not going to like the numbers so I prefer not to torture myself with it.

Anyway, I’ve seen mySlim on Claudine Barretto’s IG page, and we all know she’s on her way to being a fitspiration, and of course, I’ve heard that the new product endorser is Jennylyn Mercado who is simply the most beautiful actress of her generation, in my opinion. So I pondered on checking it out to see if it can help me.

Now that I’m 40, I take great caution on what goes into my mouth. There are just too many products nowadays that claim a lot of things that they are not and I don’t want to be fall for that. Let’s just take slimming products, for instance. I’ve heard of men and women whose health were compromised because of the pills and slimming products that they used. That’s not something I want to happen to me.

So I scoured the net on the scoops and dish on Yerba Mate and mySlim and here are just some of the things I’ve picked up:

1. mySlim is a detox product.

Why is this good? Well, removing harmful toxins from your body is always a good thing.  I think that most successful slimming journeys began by detoxifying. For me it sounds like you’re giving your body a chance to renew and rebuild.

2. Yerba Mate, the slimming factor in mySlim, leaves your lean muscles alone. 

Yerba Mate definitely helps burn your excess fat but it doesn’t go burning your muscles, too, which is good. Having more muscles in your body helps burn fats when you are active? (I learned that when I worked for a client who is a top bootcamp coach in Sydney)

Plus, you don’t have to worry about saggy arms too much because the muscles will help keep them tight.

3. It has Palatinose which balances Carnipure.

I’ve used a lot of slimming products before, especially when I was a teenager, and the ones that curb your appetite are the ones that really help you lose weight. However, the downside to that is that you also start running out of energy and your system will start burning more fats (and even muscles) for energy to keep up with your daily activities. Most of the time, you weaken because your body just don’t have enough to burn anymore.

I remember almost fainting in my Senior year because I didn’t have enough energy to keep up with the required C.A.T. exercises. Not familiar with C.A.T.? We used to have some sort of military training where we had to do drills when we were in High School — that’s C.A.T.

Anyway, my point is that mySlim has Palatinose which supplies the energy to balance out the curbed appetite caused by the Carnipure content in the product.

4. It has Garcinia Cambodia.

Case closed, haha!



Health Risks?

I came across a couple of articles warning users of the Cancer and other health risks that Yerbamate can bring about.  However, as I continued to read, I realized that the throat and esophagus Cancers that they’re warning about were not caused by Yerbamate per se, but by the mis-processing of mate in certain products.

Eventually I came across a helpful blog that discusses the Yerba Mate Cancer warning more objectively.

Yerbamate was first discovered in Brazil and was used for tea. Apparently, when something goes wrong in the smoking process used for Mate, it can get contaminated which may cause Cancer.

This is why it’s important to scrutinize the brand and to check on the quality of the products you buy before using them. Don’t just buy any Yerba Mate product.

mySlim with Yerba Mate is developed by Vida Nutriscience Incorporated, the leading health and wellness product provider in the country today known to provide safe, novel and ethical health and wellness products. That’s a good sign, don’t you think so?

Also, the general rule of thumb is that anything taken in excess is harmful. mySlim should only be taken three times a week, which means you should only take it three times a week. Don’t go beyond the prescribed doses.

Or better yet, if you are sickly or have a condition, it is best to consult your physician and discuss with him your plans to take mySlim and listen to his recommendations.  No one should shift diets or take on a drastic slimming plan without consulting a physician and a nutritionist anyway. It’s always best to listen to the experts.

Before I get done, do you know why I also think that Jennylyn is the perfect endorser of mySlim? Because she’s an active woman who scuba dives and participates in triathlons. She’s healthy and fit and strong.  (I saw all her hobby stuff on Kris TV, haha! Whee, I’m such a fan!)

mySlim drink costs Php 89/bottle and Php 69/sachet. 1 bottle of 30 capsules costs Php 540.

To know  more about mySlim with Yerbamate, visit:

Facebook: @myslimPH
Twitter: @myslimdetox
Instagram: @myslimdetox


  • Elizabeth O.

    We all go through that in life, the weight gain, and it feels like you’re stuck while gaining more weight in the process. It’s great that you have a plan and I hope it all works well. It sounds like MySlim is a trusted brand too!

  • Berlin

    I’ve gained a lot of weight, too, just looking at my photos before. Would like to go on a diet but can’t resist eating. Ehehe. Also, I always reason out I have a baby to breastfeed. Nway, I hope myslim would m be a very good companion to your weight loss journey.

  • PJ Zafra

    Great review. It’s all about adapting to a healthier lifestyle and disciplining one’s self. It’s a tough process but it’s not impossible. I used to eat a lot of junk food but I was never gaining weight or anything like that. I just had fast metabolism but I always felt sluggish whenever I ate lower quality food. Nowadays, I eat healthy, sweat and it’s become a part of my routine. It wasn’t easy but it sure is worth it. 🙂 More power to you.

  • Jen B

    Most of us are now very eager to get into shape as, of course, summer is coming. I think this would be a good start to trim down those extra bags on everyone’s waist line. I can’t wait to see the improvement on you once you try it. Wish you luck.

  • Fred Erick

    I am glad I bumped into this article of yours. I am also looking for ways of on losing weight as well. Right now, I am into slimming tea. But I wanna try this, looks promising.

  • Erica

    I’m really not into slimming products of any kind. I’m more of a healthy lifestyle believer. Of course that only means something if I’m actually living that way…which at this point, I don’t…so I really shouldn’t say anything! HAHA.

  • Erica

    I’m really not into slimming products of any kind. I’m more of a healthy lifestyle believer. Of course that only means something if I’m actually living that way…which at this point, I don’t…so I really shouldn’t say anything! HAHA.

  • Pooja Kawatra

    I am a bit finicky about certain products especially slimming product is difficult to trust but if you know it is a trusted brand and helps you. It must be a great product.


    Honestly i wouldn’t result to fat burner drinks like these after hearing of so many cases of liver failure and such. The best way to detox is using natural fruits and vegetables, these gives you vitamin benefits too.

  • Maan

    I wanted to take MySlim, too, but I’m afraid it would trigger my digestive issues. I’ll do more research and, of course, wait for updates from you!

  • TweenselMom

    Good for you for finding a product which will work for you. I have been wanting to find something which I can really stand and continue to use for a long time. How does this taste?

  • edel

    There are a lot of slimming products nowadays- from food to pills, etc. I guess if one is really intent on losing some weight, a thorough research is needed about the product.

  • Joy

    Ay galing, I’ve been looking for slimming products. These days, the more na nagpipigil ka kumain ng kumain lalo ka napapakain. This is a must try, sana masarap ang lasa. 🙂

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