Nutri10 Plus: The Benefits of CGF for Kids

We’ve been giving our children Nutri10 Plus for some time now. Honestly, at first, we were more into the “growth” factor in Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) to help our kids along with their height.

I normally don’t worry about my kids’ height because, well, Jay and I aren’t exactly 6-footers. However, I noticed that their growth in height, most particularly my eldest, is a bit slow compared to his classmates and friends.

Not that he minds. My kids don’t really mind being smaller than most kids their age, but as a parent, I’d regret it later on if I didn’t even try to help them along.

Nutri10 plus has many other benefits!

Someone once told me that her nephew took vitamins with CGF (another brand) for years and first saw the fruits of their persistence when he turned 15.

I’m pretty sure it isn’t just genetics that’s slowing down my kids’ growth, there are other factors, too, that we’re trying to work out – like their sleeping habits and their food intake. Their pediatrician said that they need more meat to aid their growth. Until then….

What is Chlorella Growth Factor anyway? What does it do? Is it only for height purposes?


Apparently not. CGF has more to offer than just an increase in height – and it benefits both adults and kids. Did you know that CGF is anti-aging?  But since we’re talking about the CGF factor in Nutri10 Plus, I’ll focus more on what benefits it offers my kiddos, aside from the height factor:

1. Tissue growth and repair

Think Wolverine! CGF can help repair damaged tissues and restore them.

CGF is commonly given to athletes when they are injured, to fasten the process of healing and tissue repairs. Kids, though, tend to get into accidents and hurt themselves, so CGF helps repair the tissues that are damaged in the process.

2. Mental clarity

CGF helps kids mature mentally, spiritually, socially and spiritually. They say that it satisfies cell growth, which in effect, gives children mental clarity that helps them make better choices.

3. It’s an anti-oxidant

It helps release bad toxins from your children’s bodies, especially when exposed to pollution.


4. Immune system booster

CGF contains Beta Glucan which is said to build up and strengthen a child’s immune system to fight off illnesses.

5. Increased energy levels

Nowadays, even kids face a lot of stress that deplete their energy, affecting their performance in their activities. CGF helps build up their energy to keep up with these stressful situations.

6. Jaw development and no tooth decay

Studies have shown that children with CGF have good jaw development and condition of teeth.

I look forward to seeing my kids taller AND HEALTHIER. I think it’s great that their vitamins isn’t just about getting taller but that it aids in their overall development.

Nutri10 Plus also contains Taurine, Lysine and Zinc, which is known to be vital in their brain development. Zinc deficiency lowers the body’s immune system, causes infection, and may cause learning disabilities among children.

Nutri10Plus is manufactured by Novagen Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. for Wert Philippines. It is available in drugstores nationwide.

To know more about Nutri10, here are the details:

Nutri10 Plus Sports Active Formula
Facebook page:  Nutri10





  • Mia Foo

    sounds like this supplement really packs a lot of benefits into a small pill! but how natural is it? i don’t know if we should let children start on chemically enhanced products from young. is CGF not found naturally in food sources?

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      Good point, Mia! I’ll look into how to acquire CGF more naturally. 🙂

      Perhaps the caution taken nowadays on taking supplements is also in relation to how the environment has evolved. Illnesses have evolved as well, and many in relation to what they have taken in (food, supplements, etc) so it’s only a natural recourse to go for an all natural diet. We try to go as organic as we can, but there are some organic products that are inaccessible for us.

      Growing up, many of my friends were on vitamins and they turned out as healthy adults. It’s really a matter of weighing and making a decision on what would be beneficial to your children in the long run. This is an alternative. 🙂

  • Jerwel De Perio

    I remembered when my mom would give me medicines that also has an CGF factor like Growee, and she also said that I have to be active in sports to make sure that I grow up tall. I used to be the smallest from my peers, but now, I am averaging for Filipino teens. CGF does work wonders if you add some physical activity on it.

  • R U S S

    This has been very informative – didn’t know until now that CGF has all that benefits. We weren’t really that informed before. Now I try to think of what I did when I was a kid or if I took any of these supplements with CGF. My brother is 6″1. I am the opposite, lol.

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      What a very interesting study. DCP is still Chlorella – albeit dried, so I’ll look into that and maybe ask the manufacturers about this. Thank you Gigi!

      The information I shared are taken from the sources I cited at the bottom of the blog. 🙂

  • Jason Panuelos

    So interesting! I really like that kids nowadays have access to a lot of extra nutrition which makes them better all-around 🙂

  • Elizabeth O.

    I don’t really mind my kids’ height either but it would be nice to give this supplement a try, it has other benefits after all. I never looked into CGF before and it’s good to learn a thing or two about it.

  • Fred

    When I was growing up, there was only Star Margarine claiming to help us grow taller, which did not really work for me, I think. Anyway, now there are so many of these supplements supposedly for growth, but of course, we know we cannot rely on these anecdotal successes.

  • Lee Rosales

    Because I am one of the paranoid moms who doesnt want their kids play outside and prefers to play indoors theres cons on being like that. Theybare not exposed to germs and pollutants and when they are they will easily get sick. Now that my kids goes to school I learned to be vigiland everytime she plays outside the house

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