On plagiarism: Are you the same tomato?

As a professional writer, I take plagiarism personally. 

I take pride in every work I publish, whether online or offline, whether it’s well-received or ignored completely, because I’ve put my time and my heart in every single one.

There are many ways to plagiarise online without seemingly having done so, and it’s easy to make excuses and keep a straight face while at it that confrontations become useless; but really, if you look within yourself, what does that make you?

If you want to grow in your skill, learn to care. Care for your readers and for what they are searching for. Write for them.

Don’t copy. Don’t rearrange someone else’s work then take credit for it. Don’t be a tomato!

Write in such a way that you are speaking to your readers from what you know. So you need to read and you need to read well. Watch the news. Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of your industry. Be aware of the world your readers belong to.

Listen first.

The more you really know, the better you will write.

Then you don’t have to copy anyone.

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  1. I agree with Edel, I always watermark my photos but there are times that I saw my photos on other websites, without linking back to my site. Or sometimes I saw it in IG, nacrop na watermark ko.

  2. Plagiarism is a serious case. I hope everyone takes it seriously rin. SI hope wala namang nagp-plagiarize on your work…? Hmm, kung meron man, God bless him/her na lang. Konsensya na nya yon. 😀

    1. If the images you’re using are on “public usage” or if the owner of the image has issued a statement that you can use his photo (w/ credits), that’s alright. But if there are no such permissions published, even with credit, you can still get into trouble.

      For my part, I get photos that are marked “free for public use” with no need to credit owner,or those free for use with credits to owner, or those that I have permission granted me by the owners themselves, or stock photos I paid for. 🙂

      Rules in photo use: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/copyright-fair-use-and-how-it-works-for-online-images/

  3. It’s no joke. I actually don’t mind getting copied as long as with proper credits and permission rather than para sila ang gumawa at nagpakahirap. I can’t imagine why there are people who are like that. And kahit naman with photos, with watermark or wala, kung gustong kopyahin, kokopyahin.

  4. I agree! I try my best to write from my own experiences and use photos that are mine. All my personal photos are watermarked, and if im using other photos i always put credit to the owner.. this problema and prevalent and sometimes there’s nothing much we can do about it..we’ll put too much work and we’ll end up being ignored..

  5. Ehem! Ehem!! Anong hugot neto? PM! You know my take on plagiarism because honestly!!! I take blogging seriously. Nakakabwiset yung makakapal ang fez na sasabihing “I blogged about…” chuhchuchuc.. Pero pagbasa mo, wow!!! Kinopya lang. Also, alam na alam naman if kinopya eh. I mean, are you even capable of writing those lines?? Diosmio.

  6. I agree with you! Taking up journalism in college this is really a big deal for me, true it is easy to plagiarize but your dignity and honor will be lost with it, as well as other people’s trust in what you do.

  7. True! Even as simple as something I posted in Facebook, I get hurt when a friend posts it (not share, ha) and does not even put credits. I put a lot of heart in my writing.

  8. Its really unprofessional to copy someone’s else work or to grab photo without any consent or giving credits to the owner.

    1. There are images for public use available on the internet, but you need to check if it’s published “for public usage.” Sometimes, images are for public usage but owner requires credits and link back. That’s why there are settings for search in Google photos.

  9. Our professors in college mentioned plagiarism a lot of times on our classes. I find it not just unprofessional copying other’s work but more on showing one’s character. I value respect very much. Copying without due credit is not at all showing respect .

  10. I’ve never had issues with anyone plagiarising my work (or at least, nothing that I know of! I never did a plagiarism check…), but a couple of times my photos were used without my permission. One was a local business owner here in the city. It wasn’t even a picture of his business but he used it. He had the gall to call me out kasi nasa Google naman daw picture ko which means anyone can use it. Um okaaay.

  11. Oh well, everything is now available in public, specially photos. You can’t really stop someone from doing some but it’s good that the watermark is there to at least help us bloggers to make sure that our photos can’t be used without our permission. Hmm, yeah, seems like hugot na hugot ah.✌

    1. “Oh well, everything is now available in public, specially photos. You can’t really stop someone from doing some” –No, you have no control over another person’s character and morals. And yes, I wrote this at the height of my emotion. My writing is my craft. It is what I do so it’s personal to me.

  12. I used watermark for my images before kasi nga I found out na pwede lang icopy from Google images. Now, medyo tinamad na ko, I do hope wala namang kukuha ng mga images ko. And for the writing, I am not a good writer, pero I am trying my best to express myself on my own way.

  13. I agree, being a designer (clothing) it felt really sad when someone grabbed your style and credit it as if they’re the one who really created it :'( same as in writing pala ano? We all have unique talents & style naman but this is a great reminder Mommy May especially for newbie bloggers like me.

  14. I agree, there are so many in social media now that when they need a photo on their post even in facebook and IG they use other photos without any abiso sa may ari nagulat ka nalang nandon na ang photo mo, ang pinaka worst pa tinanggal ang water mark.

  15. You know exactly how I feel about this since some people have copied my work too. Some people may not know that plagiarism is what they’re doing but that’s not an excuse. I believe we all have to be aware of what we are doing, regardless of the industry we are in. Some times I just tell myself “at least I know I’m the original” but it’s still irritating.

  16. It’s like lying to yourself. I will watermark all my photos from now on, I worked hard for it, ang hirap magcapture na cellfone lang ang gamit =)

  17. i think the jargon is now is “Inspiration”. truth is, with the technology now, it very hard to stay really original. as the saying goes, you are unique, just like everybody else.

    plagiarism really sucks for all the true creatives out there whose works are being ripped off, what we can really do now is be vigilant and speak up if we saw works being copied.

    1. I agree. We have to say something. If no one will say anything, it will become prevalent. It’s actually very known rule and yet many aren’t aware of it. Maybe all they need is to be informed.

  18. I feel you. When you blog or write, you out a little part of yourself on your work kaya it’s disheartening when you find out na it’s been copied or used without your consent. No matter how you put it, it’s stealing.

  19. Plagiarism is such a big issue in writing. I know several bloggers whose works have already been plagiarized. I wanted to see if other are also people plagiarizing my work, but I just don’t have the time to do that. Sigh!

    1. I don’t do it actively, honestly. I just happen to run into them. Some are not aware it’s plagiarism and have limited understanding of the context of the word; others, sadly are aware, but stick to it. This isn’t the first time a part of my work had been imitated. The first one was way, way worse and i had to be the one to make changes because the girl was just too callous to care. I have to say something just to let those people know that I know my work enough to recognize them.

  20. I’m new t blogging but when I write, I write from the heart. It really takes time and hard work.
    I know I’ll feel really upset if I discover someone plagiarizing my work too. But, I believe in Karma; and digital karma is faster. 😛

  21. Yes, that’s true. Every article is well thought of and emotions are always invested on it. I will never be happy to see my stuff in others crate without being acknowledged. I don’t use watermark on my photos. Hopefully, people will have the conscience.

  22. For me, it will be better to use an ugly photo of yours if you need photos, why use someone else’ . Ang dami namang mapagkukunan ng photo na free. For blog content, why publish at all kung hindi naman sayo yung ideas. Lalo na when you blog, Ang hirap mag-isip, at nakakainis when someone gets away with something na pinaghirapan mo.

    1. “For blog content, why publish at all kung hindi naman sayo yung ideas.”

      — Exactly, mommy Lani. I don’t get it. Well, I do know why, in a way, but still…why?

  23. Oh my, I’m guilty of rewording or rephrasing sometimes. Specially when I’m too lazy to use my brain. Lol! But like everyone else, I try my best to write from the heart.

    I’ve always been a fan of your writing style that sometimes I forget to check myself to see if “wait, you sound like May na” Hehe… But you know I love you and I feel you! wink…wink! ????

  24. My brother and his team, group of photographers/videographers, have experienced this. They had an argument with a person online for editing out the signature on one of their scenic photos and claimed it as his own. Also, a few photos were even used by a known newspaper in one of their articles a few years back without asking for permission or even acknowledgement of the photo’s source. There goes professionalism down the drain.

    As much as possible, I try my best to write original content. And if I borrow words or photos, I always try to make sure that I cite sources. Copyrights, intellectual property rights, patents and the likes appear to have been hammered in my brains since college until now. ????

  25. I hate this. I am very careful with my works, being a freelance writer myself as well. Thankfully, I have no instance of people “borrowing” my works since nakakasama talaga ng loob. It’s hard to go after them pa since its online.

  26. Hay, I was a victim of plagiarism twice. As in two people lifted my ENTIRE post and claimed it as their own. Nakakaloka kasi one copied my review of a KathNiel movie. She made an effort to change one thing from my post – the name of my husband! @[email protected]

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