Homeschooling: Breaking mindset on special awards

I wasn’t sure about about letting the kids join last school year’s moving up day.

The kids don’t really attend Christian Legacy on a regular basis. They’re home schooled and just go there once a week to attend music, arts, P.E. and elective classes, and to mingle with other kids; so they are not really eligible for any real awards. But the MAPEH students are invited to join the annual event and are given “special” awards by their instructors.


For me they were only “make up” awards. In one of our visits to the South, I told my mom how I felt about them. I told her that I felt these make up awards devalue the hard work of the students coming from families who consider them important.

Motherly wisdom

My mom was an educator. She used to own a preschool and a grade school. When it came to our education, she and my dad were rather strict and conservative.

Well, at least to my siblings, hah!

Seriously though, I’m a product of tough love especially when it comes to schooling, and I was taught to work hard for everything I wanted, so I guess I tend to apply the same to my kids.

I sort of assumed my mom would agree with me and affirm my decision not to go, and I can just save money instead of paying for our seats at the event, haha! But she didn’t.


She explained to me that it was good that the school gives these types of special awards because it means they know each child, and recognize them for their differences and their strengths.

I didn’t think of it that way!

I’ve always felt that school awards were pointless and that my kids should see the learning and the experiences as the rewards in themselves.

My mother offered a different perspective and it totally changed the way I see Christian Legacy. That’s why my kids are there again for their MAPEH classes this year.


The special awards

So yeah, the kids got to join their MAPEH classmates at their moving up day. They went up the stage to accept their awards.

Our eldest son, Pablo, was given the Excellence in Theater Arts award for successfully playing one of the lead roles in the school musical last December.

Lukas received the Excellence in Creativity award. I don’t know if they based this on his art projects because I did not see them, but I do know that this son of mine is the most imaginative one when it comes to arts and crafts. Seriously, have you seen the pirate costume he cut out on paper?


And our Judah, aside from receiving his preschool diploma, was given the Overcomer Award.

According to his teacher, they give this award to children who struggled at first in an area in their class but managed to rise above it.

That’s not a make up award at all! God knows how hard it was for Judah to adjust to the discipline of attending and participating in his classes.



But I do feel like giving his teachers Overcomer Awards, as well, for the challenges they faced having our son in their class. Trust me, it’s not easy to chase a kid around a building with escalators, staircases, elevators and OMG, a little open loge overlooking the gym!

Our kids looked happy as they stood on the stage to accept their medals and smile for the camera. And I beamed when they did.

I felt something that I never thought I’d feel about them receiving these awards – I felt proud.

I want to thank Ms. Joy Muleta and Christian Legacy teachers for believing in our children. For recognizing  their individualities and strengths. For the patience. For the kindness. For the energy you have exerted. We truly feel the love.

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  1. Congrats to your tornadoes on moving up and for the awards. Yeah sometimes we miss stuff like these. More than the grades, I think hardwork should be recognized. 🙂 And I hereby award you with the superest supermom award! Honestly, I can’t imagine how you do it May! You might not see it too 😉 but you are an inspiration to me (and to a lot of other moms)!

  2. When my son was still in preschool, all kids have medals every moving up para lahat happy. But they also give special awards to those kids na outstanding. I also like “Most Improved” award kasi iba-iba talaga kids. Congrats!

  3. Congratulations to your boys! I think your mom has a point. Kids sometimes need affirmation that they excel in something. It’s a way din of recognizing the hardwork they gave to that certain area.

  4. Reading this made me think about awards and recognition. I would often cry and be sentimental as my boys receive medals because of academic excellence. But then your point made a huge impact that left me thinking. Indeed the learning and the experience can be taken as the rewards themselves.

  5. Congrats! It’s good that you’ve change your perspective and at the end appreciate their awards. My kids wasn’t high achievers, so receiving an award makes them really proud of themselves! matatawa ka na lang sa award: “Most Energetic”, “Most Improved”…. but if you can see the smile on their faces and how they value the cut out medals?! Oh, priceless! This made me really thankful that it somehow boost their confidence and celebrate their uniqueness and own ability.

  6. It’s so nice to see your kids wearing their awards! I honestly think na may point kayo both ng mom mo. Gets ko rin yung point mo eh. Learning experiences itself can already be considered as an award. Pero I’m glad you attended pa rin. Seeing the smile on their faces, I bet they’re really very happy with that event. 🙂

  7. Congrats to your boys! Well, I am also a product of tough love. Yong tipong dapat lagi kang nasa top10 and being on awardees were just added points. Although, I wanted my daughter to experienced tough love that I have experienced, gusto ko ipakita na proud ako ano man aspeto san siya mag-excel. You have a good point, as well as your mom. Glad you have attended and made your boys happy as well.

  8. You’re so blessed with your boys. The medals and the smiles indeed it’s rewarding! Kudos to you mommy na binigyan ka ni Lord ng mga anak na mababait.

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