Different Homeschooling Styles and Methods at Flavors of Homeschooling

When it comes to homeschooling, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. What works for you may not necessarily work for another family. This is something I learned early on in our home school journey.

I used to try to defend our way of life to other people who question the methods that we had utilized in the past years. But I learned along the way that the idea on how we educate our children may not sit well with others because each familyย  may have a different calling, or different sets of goals and principles.

I just wish they also realize that and leave us alone, haha!

Kidding aside, all families are different, no matter how similar we are in approach or in faith. At the end of the day, there is always a distinction that God has placed on each family, just as he has placed a distinction between individuals.

No One Way to Homeschool

This is why homeschooling is such a beautiful thing. There is no one way to educate your child. There’s a whole plethora of methods and principles that you can sort through to find what is best suited for you.

And you don’t have to stick to one for the rest of your journey. There is so much flexibility and freedom as you grow along.

For instance, we strived on classical homeschooling on our first year, shifted to eclectic on the next, progressed to interest-led and at the moment, have employed structure through School of Tomorrow’s PACES method.

ACE corner

Because that’s how life is, for real. It’s constantly moving and changing, and you need to be able to adapt as needed. And most importantly, you need to adapt to the needs of your child as you go along. After all, the main reason you are homeschooling should be your child.

To unquote an old blog of mine, it is absolutely pointless to stick to a curriculum when it’s no longer working for you.


Flavors of Homeschooling

I’m always excited about the annual Philippine Home school Conferences. This year, it’s going to be on September 22 at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura – so near me, wheeee!

But the conference is still 4 months away and I badly needed a pick-me-up. And why ever not? I’m exhausted and starting to feel anxious again about what stuff we haven’t done, haha! Yep, I’m a radical homeschooling mom but I can’t help but feel pressured once in a while.

Charlotte Mason corner

Anyway, I signed up for the pre-conference event called Flavors of Homeschooling last June 23. The email said to come between 1 to 4 PM which indicated that there was no talk happening.

There were a handful of presenters set up in different tables in every corner of the room. Each presenter represented a homeschooling method, such as Montessori, Eclectic, PACES, Charlotte Mason, Interest-led and Unschooling.

Attendees can go around each table to look at the sample curriculum and materials and ask each presenter questions. I thought it was genius!

For one thing, people came in trickles, so the tables were not crowded and everyone got a chance to ask several questions. And since the pre-event was open only to a limited number of registrants, the place wasn’t too packed and it was easy to meet people and talk to old friends who were there, too.


I had to get Lukas from his musical theater workshop downstairs and bring him back with me, and I was able to let him run off to his friends, Gab and Kib, and play with them without me getting alarmed that I could lose him. You can never be too careful in a public place, right?

Abot Tala

Anyway, I gravitated towards the Unschooling or Self-Directed Learning corner by Abot Tala team, Joie Villarama and Owie Dela Cruz.

Self-directed learning corner

If you must know, I’m a fan of Self-Directed learning and had leaned on this method for a few years, until I gave in to the pressure of regulated homeschooling.

I had to chew on the information I received and was not able to ask too many questions, but in a nutshell, Abot Tala is a project community that provides self-directed homeschoolers an alternative to the existing educational system.

They will provide accreditation without the imposition of a structured curricula and report cards.

Interest-led learning corner

A child can come to the facility as often as he wants in a week to be with community, to learn from and network with other homeschoolers, and find support and extra guidance.

Each student will be assigned a mentor he will be accountable to and who will help him set his goals and brainstorm with him on what he needs to do in order to accomplish these goals.

Isn’t it such a promising project?

Abot Tala was borne from the principle of Liberated Learning as first introduced by Ken Danford who, together with Joel Hammon, founded North Star. North Star is a Liberated Learning Center that aims to help other homeschooling communities establish the same in their areas.

There’s so much more to know when you visit their website here: Entirely of Possibility

So far, Abot Tala is still a dream project awaiting to be turned into a reality, BUT…BUT…BUT…

North Star co-founder, Ken Danford is coming to Manila and he will be having a talk at Fully Booked BGC on July 14 on self-directed learning. As far as I know, the entrance fee is Php 400 only. So I hope to see you there!


Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018: On Fire

I’ve said it over and over again. If you want to understand more about homeschooling and the different ways of making it work, the annual Philippine Homeschool Convention is the place to go!

That’s how I’ve been majorly fueling up in our homeschool all these years.

It’s great because there are several topics that you can listen to and learn from homeschool speakers from here and abroad.

And you get to see how big our community has become. There’s something about being among fellow homeschoolers that recharges you and makes you raring to go it again. Seriously!

The annual Philippine Homeschool Convention is organized by Educating for Life team and advocates, Michelle Padrelanan of Beyond The Silver and Gold, Mariel Uyquiengco and Sanne Uson of The Learning Basket, and Tina Rodriguez of Truly Rich & Blessed.

There’s an early bird registration with all access going on. You may REGISTER HERE.

And just so it’s clear, the Philippine Homeschool Convention is open to all homeschoolers residing in the Philippines, whatever your homeschool structure is, whatever curriculum you use, whichever provider you’re enrolled at or if you’re homeschooling independently — YOU ARE MOST WELCOME TO JOIN!

See you on September!


  • Michi

    To each his own. Same with regular school, there are different styles din. We have progressive, traditional and Montessori. We tried Montessori when my son was in preschool and now he is studying in traditional school. I want to try progressive, wala lang malapit sa amin.

  • Juvy

    I have heard much of home schooling but never really gave it much thought, considering further that I am a full time employee and unfortunately dont have the time to homeschool. My boys 14 and 9 are both in trad school and i think they are doing well, especially with the new DepEd K+12 directions which focus more on the application of learning. Though I think nothing beats a personalized education environment.

  • Berlin | Momi Berlin

    I like the idea of homeschooling my two little ones. I don’t know if I have the patience to do it. But I guess, since my three other boys will be in high school by the time my two little ones will start schooling, I might have the time and again courage to homeschool them. I could imagine we might end up laughing and having fun. My little ones are so playful but they can be attentive when i try to read them stories.

  • Kat | Petite Mommap

    I missed this! I would have loved to learn more about the different homeschooling styles and approaches that we can apply. I hope they can have a re-run or include this in the coming convention? I have so much to learn pa!

  • Mommy Levy

    we’ve tried unschooling 6 years ago for 1 year lang, then we decided to enroll Ren to a progressive school because we thought it’s the best for him (ehem socialization). But now, we decided to homeschool him again under International British Academy’s curriculum (since they are the nearest in our area). We will start this August, I hope kayanin namin, kinakabahan din ako ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mommy Gracie

    Sinubukan namin last year i-homeschool si Zee (interest-led), hindi sya nag-work sa amin (hehe) we are eyeing SOT sana kaso nag-decide kami for this school year, we will try sa progressive school si Zee if hindi mag-work we will try homeschooling again ๐Ÿ™‚

    The conference will surely help many parents who are planning to homeschool. Anggaling nyo homeschooling mommies! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Louisa

    You’re right that it’s each family’s choice. I respect those that choose to homeschool. Having tried it for only a year I know how hard it is but also how promising. I guess it just wasn’t the right fit for our family. I have a lot of friends who are interested in this and these conferences would help them alot.

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      Hi Joyce! No, these are exhibitors of different approaches in homeschooling. You may ask them about your situation and they may be able to give you tips and insights on how you can utilize these approaches to fit your child’s needs. ๐Ÿ™‚

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