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Affordable Air Track for tumbling provides safety at home

When we  talk about the basic tool for gymnastics practice, gymnastics air mat, it is naturally associated with the gymnastics program. The multi-functional Air Track Gymnastics Mat is suitable for all kinds of activities, such as cheer leading, free running, martial arts and tumbling. Using Air Track is an economical way of providing good protection at home during floor exercises.

Kids learn and practice in gym class, but they are eager to extend the practice time when they come home. What place can assure safety for their practice? Basement floor or kitchen floor? Both are not!

Kids need safety measures at the gym or at home. Safety cannot be neglected. It is very important to keep athletes away from danger and reduce their chance of getting injured to a minimum to none.

Our air track features are that it is light-weighted, portable and easy for storage. We also guarantee that each mat has undergone strict testing before it gets delivered to each customer. Maybe you worry about the material used in it will produce smell that is hazardous to your health? All the materials we used had achieved international standards. It is non-smelly, non-toxic and environment-friendly.  We have the proper certificates as proof that our products will do no harm to your health.

Air floor works great for tumbling, rolling, wrestling and flipping, and even for other special body weight exercises. No other products like Air Track can promote safety in an active lifestyle. It helps boost children’s athletic ability.

No matter what activities your kids participate in, air track is the best choice. It protects you with its soft and durable flat surface, supportive enough to withstand any impact produced by your body during exercise. You will never be disappointed. Air Track is an outstanding mat for an affordable price.

Our tumble tracks gymnastics is thick, supporting and durable, even adults can jump on it repetitiously.  It is not unlike the traditional foam-based mats. Owning an Air track at home means  safety and assurance in your exercise.

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