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How Living in Colorado Can Be Great for Sightseers

Image by Arturo Rivera on Unsplash

One of our favorite things about the towns we like to discuss is the geography of these regions. There’s nothing better than waking up to a scenic view and walking out into fresh, crisp air. Let’s discuss the best cities in Colorado that you should consider before moving.

The Colorado Rockies are Here

Probably the most prominent geological feature of Colorado is the Rocky Mountain Range. However, more land features besides mountain ranges are evident in Colorado. There is plenty of rugged terrain due to the mountain range. Additionally, you can find desert land, mesas, canyons, and plains dotted through the state.

Mount Albert is the highest point of the Rocky Mountains, standing at 14,440 feet above sea level. Comparably, the state’s lowest point is 3,317 feet above sea level. The multitude of different terrain creates multiple weather patterns for the state. The western territory is the Rockies. There’s a cold and wintery climate you would expect in the mountains. The eastern part of Colorado consists of mainly high plains that are semi-arid with low humidity.

Image by Logan Weaver on Unsplash

The slopes and valleys of Colorado make for some picturesque national parks and conservation areas. White River National Forest is outside Denver, about a two-and-a-half-hour trek. But with grassy knolls and fields of flowers – it’s worth the drive. This national park is the most visited in the nation. Flat Tops Wilderness and the Maroon Bells are probably among the most familiar images of the great western wilderness of the United States.

Affordable, Safe Neighborhoods

Many towns we discuss are the most populous because it’s hubs for economic markets or there are renowned schools in the area. Colorado State University in Fort Collins draws many students here every year. It is the most populous city on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. A suburban, small-town founded by the U.S. Army, Fort Collins flourished into “Camp Collins” first.

The growth of Fort Collins has doubled in the past 25 years. If you’ve been looking into moving to Colorado, we suggest looking for Fort Collins apartments for rent. If you have a family, the public schools are high-rated nationally. Everything we’ve learned about Fort Collins was gleaming reviews. A welcoming community with options for shopping and dining. For the sightseers – the foothills and classic suburban desert horizons.

Horsetooth Mountain is the small summit at the face of the Rocky Mountains. As mentioned above, Fort Collins is on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. There is Horsetooth Reservoir to explore as well. The Reservoir was a result of four dams created in the area. The dams were necessary to preserve living and natural habitats from flooding. Today, Colorado caters to visitors who come to enjoy this natural experience. They offer recreational areas and activities along its edges. Many people enjoy boating and swimming here.

Options for Anyone’s Dream Lifestyle

The diversity of landscapes in Colorado allows residents to choose what suits their needs. If you are looking for a small-town spot with tons of wilderness, try looking at homes in Creede or Telluride. There are several National Parks in Telluride, including Arches National Park. In the winter, try out dog sledding or back mountain skiing. In Creede, the population is only a couple hundred. That’s almost living off of the grid!

Denver is the most populous city in Colorado and is home to young professionals – it has a hip, very urban vibe. The economy is booming as a result. The average income in Denver is a little lower than you would expect for such a large city. The average salary is about $75,000 a year, yet the average rent for a two-bedroom is around $2,500. However, maybe you are in the position of making six figures. In that case, Denver may be perfect for you.

The best part of Colorado is that you will usually always have a perfect example of the western frontier close to anywhere you live. The state is naturally gorgeous and is one of the most desired destinations for families and singles alike.

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