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Back in the South!

It’s been a month since we moved back to the South. At the moment, we are staying at my parents’ house until our own house is completed. I don’t believe I’ve had a decent sleep since we moved and it’s not just because our stuff are in boxes and I have to do chores and stuff for my parents; but because the boys are taking part in ARDP’s (Alice Reyes Dance Philippines) Christmas ballet, Puso ng Pasko, and the public transport coming home after the rehearsals has been quite a challenge.

It still feels a bit surreal to me. I’ve been going around, feeling like a newbie when I visit the malls or check out the parks and restos. It’s a really strange feeling especially because I grew up in this city, I practically know every ancient nook and cranny of this place! But we’ve also walked the same old places we went to before the move, and I don’t feel like I fit there anymore either.

No sense move!

The move made no sense at all! For the last 12 years, our lives have been centred at our previous location and moving to the South meant losing all the conveniences and easy access to places we frequent. When you don’t have a car, the commuting conveniences that BGC and Makati offer is invaluable!

Often times, we didn’t even need a car. Everywhere was walkable because of the the way BGC and Makati were designed, whereas, there are very few sidewalks where we are in the South. And I’m a huge walker, so BGC was a haven for me. I really felt a huge sense of loss to be moving away from it. Separation anxiety is real, people!!!

A house of our own

On the other hand, we are building a house of our own with lots of room for the boys to move about and be creative. We are fortunate to be moving back to the subdivision I spent most of my youth at, with its wide, clean, safe streets, relatively quiet and secure neighbourhood, cool evenings and clean air.

Our friends, King & Phoebe, showed us Central Park. I haven’t really explored all of it, but I do know that it’s a great place for picnics, workouts, badminton games, walking and running, and the streets are safe for riding bikes and scooters. Our family spends a lot of our free time at parks, so I’m really thankful that there is now a decent public park in Alabang. We used to go to the one in Ayala Alabang Village, but it’s exclusive to the homeowners so we had to ask friends in the village help us get in.

We haven’t gone around much yet to get reacquainted with the place because of the kids’ hectic schedule, but once we all go on our Christmas breaks, we’d be able to do stuff as a fam.

I cried once, on a bus, when I saw a familiar sight and was reminded of some nostalgic, almost painful memories. It’s one of the reasons why I didn’t want to go back. There are just some experiences I no longer want to revisit in my mind.

During the the pandemic, we considered buying a house across my parents’ subdivision because of the anticipation of a prolonged lockdown, but when that didn’t pan out and the metro opened, we’ve moved on and made other plans. I was actually relieved that it didn’t push through despite the disappointment of our loan being disapproved, so it took a lot of heated discussions between me and Jay before I finally conceded.

It helped that I have friends who happily received the news of our move and have welcomed us back even before we booked a date the movers.

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Home Excitement

Admittedly, seeing our house starting to take shape has been my source of cheer, although we have yet to figure out what to do about furniture, haha! You see, we realised when we got here that all we really had were a customised dining table, a bunk bed and a bookshelf. My dad asked me over lunch where our couch was. “We don’t have one!” I laughed.

My parents never got to visit our tiny home on a hill and they’re not exactly web-savvy so they haven’t seen the pictures I’ve been posting, so they don’t really have a clear idea of how we went about with tiny living.

The one thing that God made clear upon our move was that He’s in control. I can’t begin to tell you how everything is coming into place in terms of our house and other things. Truth be told, we don’t have the money to build one, but here we are. I’m speechless at how God has been moving on our behalf.  I’ll tell you more about it once the house is completed.

I think that the boys having rehearsals everyday is a good thing since we aren’t really “home” yet until we move into our new house. It’s good that they’re busy and they always take the bus to BGC, so they’re not missing the place too much. I think that they will adjust better when we move to our own place and they will be able to enjoy their own rooms.

Their participation in the show was announced right after we moved, so it gave us a bit of a jolt. But all’s good. I know that God’s timing is perfect.

No fear

Besides, even though my parents mostly leave us to our business here, we’re still not as comfortable as when we actually live in your own place. I haven’t even been able to paint since we got here. Even blogging is hard because I’m feeling tired all the time because of the late nights and early work mornings.

The good news is that most of the fears I had about moving here were dispelled. I didn’t want to move back to the South, but there is a lot of grace in obedience. God truly puts joy in your heart when you do the things that honours him.

So yes, the Palacpacs are back in the South. I’ll be sharing with you life back here very, very soon. Pray for us as we navigate our new season.


“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light” Matthew 11:29-30.


  • Whitney Stewart

    Moving is always scary, when I bought my own house learning the navigate independent living wasn’t as hard if a transition as I thought it would be. But then again I’m not everyone and I still live relatively close to my parents. I hope your house is completed soon so all can enjoy it faster!

  • Nayna Kanabar

    Uprooting and resettling into a new home is always daunting and stressful. I am sure once you move into your own place things will fall into place and you will be able to set your routine again.

  • Rain

    Moving is always hard for children. Leaving friends and the familiarity of where they lived from birth but, you’ll make new and better memories in your new home. Wishing you well!

  • Bryan

    Moving is such a pain. I have moved more times than I care to admit, mostly when I was a kid. But we have been settled in Texas now for 16 years. May relocate one more time once my kids finish high school.

  • Sonia Seivwright

    Moving can be challenging for kids. I remember that I struggled when I moved to the UK from Africa. It was scary, and I felt lost. However, things will be alright and know that you made the right decision for your family.

  • Blair Villanueva

    Moving to a new place is very stressful, especially to a place you are not familiar with. But with a lot of patience, everything will be alright.

  • Christian Foremost

    Congrats on the new home and good luck on your new journey! It was such an emotional ride, but I’m hoping that you guys will love it. We’re also planning on moving to the south, but that’s still a long times away!

  • Renz

    Moving in to your new place is a big step at dami din talaga iisipin! Pero for sure things will work fine at masasanay din talaga. Naalala ko tuloy yung paglipat din namin here in South from Metro Manila laking pagbabago talaga lalo sa environment at mga establishments na pupuntahan.

  • Brit

    It sounds so exciting and moving does have it’s challenges for sure. You are such an inspiration for working with your kids and having patience. I am so happy for you and appreciate your hard work 🙂

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