Carving “Me time” out of “Mom-me time”

Being a mom is one of the most beautiful things that ever happened to me. I look at my kids and I’m still in awe at how good life has been to me despite the road bumps I’ve run into throughout the years.

But much as it is a gift to be a mom, it is also one of the most challenging, most difficult roles I ever have to take on. When you’re a mom, you may come to find that most of your time is devoted to everyone else and everything else, except yourself.

It sounds a bit selfish thinking of taking some time off the family and your responsibilities, I know, I’ve been through that roller coaster of emotions, too; but trust me, it’s not. It’s necessary.

Me time keeps you in touch with your sanity

Have you ever felt like you’re about to burst from all the chaos and noise in your house? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Every normal mom goes through that.

I go through that.

I find that a few hours out of the house, even if it’s just a short walk or hanging out by your lonesome at the coffee shop, makes a lot of difference to my response to the day-to-day stress our routines bring about.

Me time clears my head and helps me bring my thoughts and emotions in control.

Me time helps you remember your individuality

When I have the time to browse new books at Fully Booked, get my nails or hair done at the salon, try on shoes at the department store, or order my favorite Frappuccino at Starbucks, they somehow help me appreciate my individuality apart from my family.

As a result, I also helps me appreciate the individuality of my children, my husband and of other people.

Me time is an opportunity to reflect

Since we’re on the subject of me time, I might as well share with you about my Thursdays me time.

I take my Thursdays me time as an opportunity for me to spend longer time reading my bible, pouring my heart out to God in my prayer notebook (yes, as in…Dear God, Waaaaaaah!) and reflecting on His word.

Are you familiar with the line “things happen when you call upon His Name?” Local artist, Gary V. included that in one of his songs.

Well, it’s true. When I pray, change happens, and it usually happens within me.

Carving Me time is a team effort

If you’re going to just sit there and wait for time to happen, it won’t.

I get to have a few hours for myself because I deliberately make time for it and my husband is in on it.  He willingly takes on the kids because he understands how crucial a couple of hours to myself are.

Me time at Bioessence

My most recent me time happened last Monday at Bioessence in SM Southmall in Las Pinas.

We were taking the kids to visit my folks in the South and I thought I might as well use the free stress back massage voucher I was given at Blogapalooza 2014 afterwards. After all, we were going to wait it out at the mall until the roads would be freer when we take the bus back home.

I called the number on the voucher, made reservations and showed up.

Upgrading to a full body massage

Since the voucher was only good for a back massage, I added Php 500 more so I can upgrade for a full body massage which costs Php 750. I was happy to find out that when you do so, you can use the sauna, too!

I was led into a small room where I could change and was given a cup of tea to enjoy while I wait for what’s next.

It wasn’t my first time to be in a spa, but it was my first time to experience Bioessence so I asked the staff to guide me on what to do because I really wanted to experience their service fully. I didn’t want to take the lead and ruin it all.

Leah Manuel

You know what I truly love about Bioessence? The massage therapist that they assigned to me.

Her name is Leah Manuel and let me tell you why I like her. First of all, she was very patient with me as she guided me and when I asked her to take some pictures of me for my blog. I’m sure she doesn’t get that often with all their customers and had every reason to feel annoyed about the whole thing.

If she was, I didn’t sense it.

Leah answered all of my questions politely. Bioessence trains their staff well. Leah knew everything there was to know about their brand!  We were able to touch on the history of Bioessence a bit, their services, packages and day to day routines.

For instance, did you know that Bioessence started out as just a 3-bed clinic in Davao? That’s right. 50 outlets nationwide that offer facial, slimming, wellness and beauty products is quite a long way from their beginnings, don’t you think so?

Leah also recommended some natural remedies for my drying skin without being insulting.

But most of all, I love her massage!

I tried another spa twice years ago and I came out feeling bruised more than rejuvenated.  I actually loved the “other” spa I used to go to in Alabang that had masseuses with great hands.

Leah applied just the right pressure on my back and my sore muscles, and even when she demonstrated the hard pressure when I asked her to, it still felt gooooooood.

Just so you know, Bioessence train their staff and personnel abroad to be at par with global standards.

If there’s one thing I would suggest to improve their service, it would probably be replacing that plastic chair with a side table where I can place my cup of tea, instead of me having to put it on the bed.

Or better yet, have a lounge for it. Otherwise, I’m extremely satisfied with the service I have received at Bioessence and will definitely come back, and if possible, with my hubby in tow. How I wish they have a branch in BGC so I can visit more often!

Bioessence SM Southmall is located at Unit 10 Lower G/F, SM Southmall.

For additional details and reservation, please visit Bioessence’s official website.

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  1. “Me time is an opportunity to reflect”- YES- I agree. 🙂 My typical “me time” is just to be at a supermarket (retail therapy) and/or staying at a park or coffee shop-reflecting on things- and all these ideas are coming in so my “me time” would end up as working time too- putting all ideas into writing! 🙂

  2. Oh that is so true, too! Although I make an effort to really leave work behind but take note of ideas. 🙂 What I love the most about time for reflection is when I look at the recent events and see the faithfulness of God despite the rough roads, you know what I mean? It corrects my wrong persepectives and resets my mindset. When this happens, I am able to treat others with kindness and understanding. It also restores joy in my work. We need this from time to time. 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing this! Being a first time mom, I’m having a hard time having “me time” because just like you said, everything comes first before us (mommies). I miss going to to the salon and pamper myself. But I’m looking forward to treating myself to a spa treatment in the following days! We deserve it!

  4. Me time! I can’t recall the last time I spent time alone except when I was waiting for my sister’s procedure in the reception area in St. Luke’s. I wish I can have a spa me time before the year ends. I’ll check if there’s a Bioessence branch in Makati. 🙂

  5. Good for you, Mommy. As for me.. I can no longer remember my last “Me Time”. Oh right, it was 4 years ago – even before we had our fertility treatment again to get pregnant. 😀

  6. I so agree with you… we need a “me” time to regroup and get more energy to do all the things that we as homemakers do. LOL… I have not one for a quite a while now because my weekends are usually spent in school activities.

  7. “When you’re a mom, you may come to find that most of your time is devoted to everyone else and everything else, except yourself.” — This is SO true. My husband and I always try to give each other some time alone. My “me time” involves eating out (alone and I don’t mind!) and a good massage.

  8. I wholeheartedly agree that it isn’t selfish for a mother and wife to regularly have me time. And yes, it is necessary or else we really could go crazy! I loved that you talked about the different ways you spend your me time: browse new books at Fully Booked, get your nails or hair done at the salon, try on shoes at the department store, or order your favorite Frappuccino at Starbucks, and ultimately go to a spa and get pampered. There are so many ways for us to re-energize 🙂 I have to carve out some me time, too! Thanks for this 🙂

  9. My me-time keeps me sane! It doesn’t have to be always a pamper day but a simple walk in the park, window shopping. anything that I will do alone to clear my mind. 🙂

  10. Now I’m sad we don’t have BioEssence here! Had I know, I should have given it to you! I was thinking we h ad one at Ayala but when I got here, that’s when I realized that I was thinking of a different spa. Pfft

  11. awww…mine expired! would’ve loved to experience it too! anyways, im happy to know you had a fab ME time, i know how busy you are! i am hoping for more of these for you soon! 🙂

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