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Homeschooling: 3 very important benefits of learning through play

I’m a big believer of kids learning through play. I’ve seen the benefits of it in  my own children.

Two years ago, I wrote about how we do a lot of hands-on and play in our home schooling, and I’m still an advocate of that. I still believe that learning is much more effective when kids have fun and are taught through things that come naturally to them, like play. (READ: The benefits of hands on Science for kids)

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Putting together a car city.

The benefits of play learning extends beyond home schoolers.

Children who are given more time to play are proven to excel more in their academics, are more creative and analytic than their peers, and are much more expressive.

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Here are three things my kids and I gain from learning through play:

1. It’s fun for both the kids and me.

The past two weeks had been pretty challenging for me. I came down with flu and some allergy that lasted me more than two weeks.  My saving grace included playing with all sorts of toys with my kids such as Monopoly, Mighty Mind and Lego.

It was our home school in those two weeks.

Exo plane by my 9-year old


I also let my kids play in the yard. They counted as they shot hoops and squealed as we observed slugs and worms slither by what little soil we have in our premises.

We laugh a lot when we do this and I can honestly say that I feel much closer to my kids because of it.  Aside from all the fun and concept application, there was also a lot of bonding happening in our home.

Learning how to apply concepts through Monopoly

2. Kids are more aware of their emotions and learn how to handle them on their own.

My kids get a lot of opportunities to play with each other and with their friends because they’re home schooled, and play is an integral part of our home school.

My 9-year old Pablo and his best friend, Greg, playing at the wings while waiting for their turn at their dance recital. NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION.

Through play, my kids learn to relate more with each other and with their friends. They learn to apply the values we teach them, such as kindness, generosity (like sharing snacks in between), cooperation (when they play in teams) and inclusion (learning to love others despite differences).

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3. Spurs imagination and encourages creativity.

My kids have very wild imagination. At times, I would watch all three of them act out scenes they’ve imagined.

We provide them access to costumes and props, like capes, funny hats, swords and bows, or that wrist thingie that Iron man wears. A friend of my 9-year old gave him an Omnitrix watch when he was only five.

Sometimes, they cut out with their own costumes!

My 5-year old’s pirate costume creation

I listen to my children tell me their original stories. Our eldest son is learning how to make storyboards and tries to illustrate his ideas using his new camera, a gift from his aunt.

Our 5-year old loves to paint and draw. We make sure that we have endless supply of paper. We try.

And our 4-year old?  He loves his cape and does role-playing a whole lot!

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You can’t keep my 4-year old from mixing the colors together

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