Christmas 2016 with Mommy Bloggers Philippines

I try to choose the events I sign up for as wisely as I can especially during the Christmas season when the traffic can go from bad to horrible, and when everyone seem to be scheduling parties, dinners and get-togethers left and right.

My priority for December has always been to spend it with my husband and children, going through our annual Christmas traditions activities, and making the season as memorable for the kids as possible.

But I do make time to see my fellow mom bloggers from my favorite Facebook community, Mommy Bloggers Philippines. And this year, I’ve been blessed enough to have been one of the twenty that made it to the list of invitees to this year’s intimate MBP Christmas party.

With MBP Founder Lanie Lluch and Jhanis Vincentte of The Vanilla Housewife. Image source: When Worlds Collide Photography

Two years ago

It’s not my first MBP Christmas party, I also joined the first one in 2013. I will never forget what MBP founder, Lanie Lluch of, said that day:

She said that although there are perks in being a part of MBP – events, freebies, giveaways, contests, etc., MBP, first and foremost, is a community where moms who blog can find and provide support for each other.

I’m still hanging on to that statement. I have met and have made some really good friends in this community, such as Jhanis Vincentte of The Vanilla Housewife and Nhessie Agustin of Rolled into One Mom, and I hope that this will carry on through the years.

With two of my closest mom bloggers – Jhanis of The Vanilla Housewife and Nhessie of Rolled into One Mom. Pardon the protruding belly, I’m doing something about it, promise, haha! Image source: When Worlds Collide Photography

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Taking the train

When I say I’m choosy about events, I don’t only mean the time and the brands (if they fit my niche), but also the location. Only MBP (and Jhanis) can make me take the train all the way to Quezon City to attend a blogger party, haha!

The venue was at Pancake House in Tomas Morato.  Jhanis is from Cebu so we arranged a time to meet in Ayala where she proceeded from the airport. It’s been a while since she’s ridden one so we took selfies much to the amusement of the other passengers.

Riding the train with The Vanilla Housewife

Lots and lots of food

The function room was transformed into an intimate lunch set-up, with balloons and trinkets all around. It was very pretty!

We were happily greeted by the MBP core team, Lanie, Louisa of The Art of being a Mom and Joy of Joy Bites, and lots and lots of food from Pancake House, which sponsored our celebration, by the way.

They served us my favorites- their house spaghetti, the mouth-watering tacos and chicken; and just when we thought they’ve served us enough, they sent in hot roast chicken. How I wish my husband was there to enjoy his favorite Pancake House meal!

@pancakehouseph ‘s Hot Roast Chicken! @buzybee.bouquetsballoons #mbpchristmasparty2016 #buzybee #goodfoodfeelsgood

A photo posted by May De Jesus-Palacpac (@fullyhousewifed) on

Partner brands

There were sit-down games and giveaways which thrilled everyone present. Louisa said that they (the core team) want the moms to have so much loot that we can barely carry home. She wasn’t kidding!

Anyway, here’s a list of brands that partnered with MBP for this year’s Christmas party:

Pancake House

Image source: When Worlds Collide Photography

Buzy Bee Bouquets and Balloons

The grand balloon entrance! @pancakehouseph @buzybee.bouquetsballoons #mbpChristmasParty2016 #buzybee #GoodFoodFeelsGood

A photo posted by May De Jesus-Palacpac (@fullyhousewifed) on

When Worlds Collide Photography

Robinson’s  Supermarket

Mommy Mundo

Tupperware, Coconut George, Cusina, Human Heart Nature, San Pedro Barbecue Sauce, Lorenzana and myPhone

The generous sponsors of #mbpchristmasparty2016 #GoodFoodFeelsGood #BuzyBee @pancakehouseph @buzybee.bouquetsballoons

A photo posted by May De Jesus-Palacpac (@fullyhousewifed) on

Downy Philippines

Thank you also eGetinnz for the staycation prize, and Great Expectations Maternity and Shopback for all the shopping opportunities!

Party more

The party didn’t end there. Since Jhanis only comes to Manila once in a blue moon, we spent more time with her after the party.

Coffee time with @vanillahousewife @petitemomma18 @and @lallysreflections #mommybloggersph

A photo posted by May De Jesus-Palacpac (@fullyhousewifed) on


Thank you Mommy Bloggers Philippines for the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with my fellow mom bloggers, and to all the sponsors who made the party as festive and as enjoyable as it was.

Merry Christmas and much love goes out from me to fellow Mom Bloggers and to everyone in the Filipino blogging community!


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