• Pinaynursemeetsworld

    I am also planning to open a savings account for y daugther in the future.. she’s only 5 years old but I am investing by buying stocks so I can give it to her someday..nice thing that you already trained them to save money at an early age.

  • Karla Nina Mallannao

    I get it now. This is what exactly happened to my mom’s savings account years ago. I’m not quite sure how it turned out. But are the process the same for all banks? If I remember, BDO yung sa mama ko.

  • Jessa F Acala

    Super inspiring tong blog na to about money management sa mga bata. I intend to also practice this kay summer. It’s something I was never taught as a kid which resulted in my unhealthy spending habits. This is very helpful lalo na sa mga parent na gaya ko.

  • clang clang

    Thanks for this info. Ganito pala yung nangyari sa Bank account ng Tita ko, simula kasi ng nagpunta na siya US wala na transaction sa BPI niya kaya nung time na magdedeposit kami Dormant account na daw.

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      Yes, she has to appear in person to reactivate her account. Then just deposit funds from time to time so it won’t go dormant.

  • Rowena

    Love what your teaching your kids. Hope I can do that to my little one as well. Btw, glad that I saw this article coz I had been thinking of a dormant account of mine and plans to make it active again for our emergency fund.

  • Sherile Guinto

    Oh my! Buti nabasa ko to, kasi baka dormant account narin sa daughter ko. Kasi parang 2 yrs narin hindi nakakapag deposit. Hindi pa naman nachecheck online kasi pag Junior account need pupunta ka mismo sa branch. Thank you paasikaso ko kagad to.

  • Blair villanueva

    I think this is bank’s way of securing each accounts. After all, the Philippines is one of the countries with tough banking law.

  • Kristine Gavilano

    Thank you for the information about this. My son has an account in BDO but it’s more than 2 years since we have any activity with that account. At least now I know pwede lang sya mareactivate, kaso he’s only 10 and I think hindi pa sya pwede makapasok sa bank now.

    • May De Jesus-Palacpac

      Maybe you can call the bank and ask if there are other options, like bringing his birth certificate or ID, or for you to bring home a form for him to fill out, and just submit.

  • Mumshie Nica

    We opened a bank account for Nathan too as early as 3 months old sya. It’s better to start saving early di ba and to teach them while they were young. I have an account na naging dormant din at di ko na nareactivate, I got my new account in that bank because of my new work. This is really helpful!

  • Mia Bunquin

    Thank you so much! I just saw my PS bank account has gone dormant, my last transaction was 2 years ago. Buti na lang nakita ko to, nagpanic na ko kanina ?

    • Alma M Rivera

      I want to reactivate my atm account through online but i can no longer remember my username and password…also i am no longer using my registered number

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