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Christmas Traditions: No bake Choco Banana Cream Pie

I really intended it to be Christmas cookies instead of the Choco Banana Cream pie since I do bake the meanest chocolate chip cookies, thanks to the Center for Culinary Arts for the recipe they gave us when I attended their workshops ten years ago, haha!

But okay, I’m no culinary expert. What I do love is trying out interesting-looking recipes and see how they would turn out.

Sure I’ve come up with a few recipes of my own, Gordon Ramsay, Elliott Graham and Joe Bastianich are the constant voices in my head (hashtag crazy lady, haha). Seriously though, I just love to prepare food, with no false ambitions.

First time I tasted No bake Choco Banana Cream Pie

Anyway, having said that, I posted a photo of the No Bake Choco Banana Cream Pie on my Facebook and Instagram and I’ve gotten some requests for me to share the recipe, so I’m gonna!

I first tasted this no bake goodness at my sister-in-law Jenny’s house. We didn’t have an oven at that time, so I thought it was such a great idea to make a pretty no bake dessert with the kids as one of our Christmas Traditions family activities two Christmases ago.

First of all, the ingredients are easy to find and they don’t cost much. Secondly, it’s easy for little kids to make. It’s mostly just a lot of mixing and chilling.

So, I asked Jenny for the recipe and she generously shared it with me. It was a huge hit with our kids!

WARNING: Recipe designed for sweet teeth!

Okay, the pie is delicious, but my sister-in-law sports a sweet tooth, so the recipe might come off too sweet if you’re anything like me who can barely finish a slice of cake.

You just have to control how much of the condensed milk you want to add to make sure the amount of sweetness is just right for you.

I already altered this recipe a bit, but feel free to alter some more to suit your taste buds.

So, are you ready to forget your diet? Here you go!

No bake Choco Banana Cream Pie recipe


1 pack crushed Graham crumbs
2 tetra packs of condensed milk
2 packs of All-purpose cream
Chocolate syrup
4 bananas
1 bar of baking chocolate or a bag of chocolate chips (Since most of the ingredients are sweet, I suggest you go for dark chocolate to even that out)
A Tray  (I usually use our round glassware but I need for our dinner with friends tonight, so I used an aluminum one that says 255x190x70mm for its size)

Initial preparations

Chill the bananas for a few minutes before slicing into small pieces.

Make sure that the cream have also been chilled before you start making your pie.

If you bought a bar of baking chocolate, break it down into little pieces.

Prepare the crust:

1. My sister in law suggests to mix a pack of condensed milk with the pack of crushed graham. But if you want an alternative, you can melt some butter and mix it with the crushed graham. (But just so you know, the condensed milk makes a chewy crust, while the melted butter makes a crunchy, but grainy one)

2. Spread the mixture at the bottom of your tray. I suggest that you don’t put it all in. Just put enough to make a thin crust at the bottom of your tray.

3. Put the tray in the freezer for 15 to 30 minutes.

How to make the creamy pie:

1. Empty the two packs of all-purpose cream and a pack of condensed milk in a bowl and beat slowly until the ingredients are blended well.

Option 2: Here’s another way to lessen the sweetness of the creamy mixture. Mix 1 1/2 All Purpose cream with 3/4 cup of condensed milk.

2. Divide the cream mixture evenly into two.

3. Lay half of the cream mixture on the crust.

4. Add the bananas on top of the cream mixture on your tray.

5. Add a pattern of chocolate syrup.

6. Lay the second half of the cream mixture over the bananas and syrup.

7. Generously top with chocolate chips.

8. Freeze for 2-4 hours to set. (If you have a defective freezer like mine, it may take longer)

9. Serve!

I hope you enjoy your Banana Cream Pie this holiday season. Tag me to your photos, okay?

Special thanks to Jenny Osias-De Jesus for generously sharing her recipe with our family!

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