How to deposit via Sun Link Online

I’ve been wanting to blog about our latest progress in our investment journey but I had to prioritise work and our kids’ homeschool; plus my husband was out of town for almost a month, so it’s been challenging to find time (and the energy) to write a decent blog.

Anyway, my yay is that we were finally able to add to our Mutual Fund via Sun Link Online.


Sun Link Online

I have not tried depositing using the old process so I can’t talk about it, but I was told by a couple of friends that it’s a lot of work and a lot of filling out of forms, whereas, it’s a one time registration with Sun Link and lesser fields to fill out.

One of the obstacles we encountered was going to Sun Life building to make a deposit. Jay works from 9 AM to 5 PM and it’s quite a long and humid walk for me and three kids so it’s good that they now have Sun Link which makes it more convenient for us to add to our investment.

First thing I did was register for a Sun Link account using our Sun Life investment details. Afterwards, we took a short trip to the nearest bank, in our case, BPI Market Market, to deposit in the specified account number.

Then I took a photo of the bank receipt with my phone, logged back into our account, uploaded the photo, filled out the necessary fields and submitted.

My advisor and I received separate emails afterwards regarding my deposit.

Woot! I can’t tell you how happy Jay and I were. It was only a small amount, but just getting back on track made us feel good about ourselves.

Sun Link portal: See the small box that says “Quick Links” on the side? Make sure the option says “Sun Link Online” then hit “go.” It will take you to another window and into the investor’s portal.

It’s all about team work

It’s no secret that Jay and I have started on our investment a little later than we should have. I blogged about that last year and wrote about it in Brighter Life site.

But as finance expert Aya Laraya said, we shouldn’t compare our journey with other people, which makes a lot of sense.

We all go through different journeys in life. Some had the opportunity (and the wisdom) to invest earlier, so if we live by their shadows, we would most likely be discouraged because, of course, we have less.

But if you look at how you’re doing and see progress, it’s motivating!

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You and your spouse should both be in on the plan. Jay can’t join me to the Money for Life workshops with Aya Laraya since he works on weekends, but he joins me in doing the exercises such as filling out the budget sheet and the finance goals checklist.

I’m a natural teacher, or should I say, nagger? haha! Whenever Jay’s around, I talk to him about the things I’ve learned, show him charts, and make him watch videos that explain this and that.

Just this afternoon, I shared an Aya Laraya video that explains VUL with him, now he says it’s part of our long term (3-5 years) goals, along with starting on the individual Mutual Funds for the kids.

You can watch the vid yourself:

Jay and I have very different family backgrounds and orientations, so we had different mindsets on money management in our first few years in marriage. We don’t share the same opinions all the time but we’re getting there. Us being able to talk about our financial goals and plans  without wanting to thump each other is a start.

It’s got to be team work: Me with my hubby filling out our financial checklist and budget spreadsheet.

Why write your budget and your goals?

It helps to have a visual of things planned.

Sticking to a strict budget for two years helped us get back on our feet when we got evicted from our home in 2010. We knew exactly what to spend for and how much to spend for each and every single expense.

Last week, we decided to shift from independent homeschooling back to registering the kids in an accredited home school provider, and we thought that the monthly payments we need to make will eat into our extras. Having a visual of our expenses helped us see how much flexibility we have in managing our earnings.

In fact, we may even have enough to get our car fixed and registered in 2 to 3 months and for short educational trips around the city. We also may not have to completely rely on our HMO to bail us out of our medical needs.

It helped us come up with practical but concrete goals for the next five years, from a simple family trip to how we will be able to start on our kids’ mutual funds.

I have more to share with you about our journey in the coming months! I missed the first meeting so I’m looking forward to joining the group tomorrow and learning some more.

Thank you Mika Amador of Brighter Life for emailing me the notes and slides used at the workshop. It served as our guide as we accomplished our budget spreadsheet and goals checklist.

By the way, you can download the Sun Link mobile app on your Android via Google Play or on your iPhone via the App Store.

Until then..happy investing!

“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much” Luke 16:10.

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  1. I admire you for having good budgeting and financial sense. I’m hoping to be able to do this someday. It sounds like you have young children like I do and I know how important it is to be able to save for their future.

  2. It’s a happy moment to see your investments grow and prosper through the years. Keeping the money in a savings account won’t give much return.

  3. It is really important to be smart in investment our resources. For this reason, you did a nice job for having both budget and financial control. Thanks for sharing

  4. Budgeting is really an important life skill. I think you may really have to learn the hard way if your finances are limited. I would not really consider professional help as of now though.

  5. I love this post! My husband and I have been talking about saving but investing never came up. It seems the two should go hand-in-hand. I’ll have to bring this up to him so that we, too, can create a financial checklist for our future. Thanks for the informative post!

  6. It’s nice to be in the same page with your husband when it comes to financial planning especially if you already have kids. Good to know you found the perfect solution and you’re working together towards saving!

  7. Taking care of your finances is what every married couples need. With the unexpected and rollercoaster ride the economy is moving today, focusing to have financial stability is one big factor that success needs.

  8. This is very timely as I recently added another portfolio to my investments. When I graduated in college, investing was already in my mind. The first thing I got was a retirement plan. Then I got a mutual fund with insurance from Sunlife. Recently, I placed my money on equity and bond funds. 🙂 It’s important to make your money grow especially in preparation for the future.

  9. Yeah! its all about team work in the family to reach for financial goals together. Both husband and wife must plan and have the same understanding how to spend the money and plan for the future.

  10. Budgeting and investing is really important! But knowing what to invest in and how the returns are also vital knowledge. So happy to hear that you and your husband are able to figure all these out and prosper together!

  11. It is really nice to have financial goals if you want to retire rich or at least have a comfortable life by the time you hit 60+. Happy investing! 🙂

  12. Baliktad tayo, the hubby teaches me all about budgeting and investment hehehe. It doesn’t matter if you invest late. What matters is you have the motivation to finally do it. Goodluck!

  13. What we did was my husband invested/got an insurance from SunLife, while I invested/got an insurance Prulife naman. We are very careful about money, because we both work very hard for each centavo we have. 🙂

  14. What’s so good about you investing in Mutual funds is that it’s long term and you can pass the knowledge to your kids. Great job to you and your husband May!

  15. I availed of SunLife’s VUL several years ago. 🙂

    This reminds of the “The Secret”‘s Law of Attraction, wherein you have to create a vision board of the things you want to achieve so you can see it everyday. 🙂

    It’s just been two months that I have started the tedious process of listing down all the expenses I have on a day to day basis and it helps in my budget allocations. I have now been seeing where I need to cut down and all that.

    I would download the app to check. I haven’t realised they have one now. 🙂

  16. My husband and I just started saving, saving’s not so big too but we’re hoping to keep adding more and more every payout. I hope I’ll be able to budget my finances properly too, I’m on it pero minsan may mga out of budget expenses parin.

  17. Your journey towards attaining financial freedom is inspiring. Right now, it’s my husband who plans everything about our future, and I trust him on that. I guess what’s important is what works for the couple.

  18. I will truly take your advice by heart! My husband and I haven’t invested in insurance yet but looking at how we live our life now, it’s a lot better than last year’s. Tama ka we shouldn’t compare our lives with others but we can always compare it with ours. Dapat ang competition mo lang is yourself – row your own boat, ika nga. 🙂

  19. This is another goal that I have. It’s been quite difficult since literally there’s no extra to save but hopefully I’m able to start soon. This is something I need to prioritize for my kids’ futures.

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