Drool-worthy Yema Cake and Frozen Brazo by Claudine’s Homemade Classics

When it comes to food, the ones I like best are usually created by chefs and patissieres I’ve met. Not that I’m being biased or anything because I do appreciate food created by people I don’t know personally, but I’ve been such a lucky gal to actually  meet some of the quality ones.

I met Claudine of Claudine’s Homemade Classics at a baking workshop in 2015 at what I refer to as my favorite kitchen in the South – Feed 5000. There were four of us in the class, two of whom were running cake businesses, Claudine being one of them, and I was one of the two baking enthusiasts.

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A sinful slice of Claudine’s Homemade Yema Cake. Time to say “bye bye” to your dieting, haha!

Observing Claudine during the class, I was aware of how meticulous she was with the measurements and the procedures. She took each step with fine accuracy. (Can you trace respect in my words?)

The waiting….

When she first launched her Yema cake, I knew I had to taste it! And this was just from the pictures alone. I’ve never had Yema cake before, seriously, and when I was chatting with Claudine about it, she was extremely surprised considering Yema cakes has become really popular over summer of last year. Unfortunately, our schedules (mine and Jay’s) wouldn’t allow us to pick up a cake from her shop then. How sad!

Let me make my long story short. We got to taste Claudine’s luscious, melt-in-your-mouth Yema cake early this year and it was soooo worth the wait! I also ordered her version of Frozen Brazo and I’m telling you, it’s to die for.

If you’ve been reading my blog for sometime, you probably have read me mention that I don’t have a sweet tooth, so I’m not much into cakes. I do love Ice Cream though, but even that isn’t something I take all the time. Only when my monthly period cravings call for it, haha! I mean that.

Yema Cake

You must know that the buttercream inside Claudine’s Yema cake is an original recipe. She stumbled upon it while experimenting in her kitchen. From the time she introduced it, it has become her number one bestseller.

Claudine’s Yema cake is a chiffon cake frosted with icing and sprinkled with our very own Queso de bola which I think balances the sweetness and flavor of this heavenly dessert.

Frozen Brazo

I have no idea how to describe Claudine’s Frozen Brazo. All I can tell you is that it was gone in one sitting, hahaha!

The kids were telling me they wanted it for their birthdays and we’re going to grant that wish for sure. I want it for their birthdays, too, hahaha!

Frozen Brazo by @claudineshomemadeclassics . OMG! Ano’ng diet-diet???? #desserts #frozenbrazo #claudineshomemadeclassics

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Customise your Yema cake

Claudine’s Homemade Classics offers a chocolate variation of the Yema cake. She also offers customisation in terms of design.

OMG! is all I can say, haha! Image source: Claudine’s Homemade Classics on Facebook

Do you need a cake for your anniversary dinner? How about for your niece’s 18th birthday? For your renewal of vows? Enough with the usual cakes that already bore the taste buds off you and go for Claudine’s Yema cake. Your guests will surely love it as much as you’ll do.

Or you’re a chocolate-lover, go for her Totally Chocolate Cake!

Thank you Claudine of @claudineshomemadeclassics for our 8-year old’s Totally Chocolate cake! #birthday

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Claudine’s Homemade Classics is a combination of mouthwatering goodness and class. Something you don’t get in your cakes everyday.

Anniversary Yema cake. Image source: Claudine’s Homemade Classics on Facebook

To know more about Claudine’s Homemade Classics and Claudine’s products, you may get in touch with them at the following:

Contact number0917 532 2300
Email address: [email protected]
Facebook page: @claudineshomemadeclassics

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  1. I am definitely going to order from Claudine’s. These potluck lunches in the office are starting to become more frequent – the perfect reason to get Yema Cake. It’s also convenient that they deliver.

  2. We’re the same when it comes to sweets.:) Regular days, a slice of cake would take 24 hrs to be consumed. Haha even ice cream, a scoop for me would do. 🙂 my last pregnancy though was different, I wanted cake and chocs every minute.
    I want to taste that yema cake. 🙂 I agree that they look classy. I like cake designs like these. 🙂

  3. I think this Claudines cakes is worth to check out. However, if I know Yema and how sweet it is, I don’t think I can finish even a slice.

  4. I have so much respect for bakers! The patience and effort they put into baking is incomparable. Ang hirap kaya mag-bake. She’s from Merville Paranaque lang pala. I got so curious (and hungry) with her yema cake. I love yema cakes kasi! Haha! Gotta check her Facebook page now! 😀

  5. Our family has sweet tooth so we always have sweets at home. I’m not really fond of yema cake and frozen brazo de mercedes or hindi pa lang ko nakakatikim ng masarap. Most of the time, I buy roll cake if napapadaan sa bakeshop. 🙂

  6. I was impressed right away after my first bite. The yema cake was moist and dense. There was a thick caramel icing spread on top plus a thin layer in between the cake. Ahhh heaven.

  7. I should have ordered one of Claudine’s cakes for Zander’s baptism instead. We weren’t happy with the cake we got. While they were able to deliver on the design we asked for, the cake didn’t taste yummy at all!

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