An Unhurried Christmas

My husband, Jay, and I have always wanted to have a more relaxed, unhurried Christmas celebration with our kids, and this year, we decided to do just that. To be able to accomplish this, we kept our list of extracurricular activities to a bare minimum, which was the practical thing to do, considering that my… Continue reading An Unhurried Christmas

Traditional Filipino Parol (Christmas Lanterns)

One of my fondest memories of Christmas when I was a child was my mom playing the Christmas album that featured traditional Christmas songs on the cassette player and seeing my brothers make the traditional Filipino parols (Filipino Christmas Lanterns) in Decembers I’m not sure if my parents commissioned my brothers to make these parols,… Continue reading Traditional Filipino Parol (Christmas Lanterns)

The Best Quiet Paper Shedder on The Market

Some companies have needed to protect their documentation because of various reasons like working with sensitive material. These documents may have personal company details on them or they are just trying to save space and going paperless or digital and do not need hard copies of documents anymore. Nowadays everything goes onto the Cloud, so… Continue reading The Best Quiet Paper Shedder on The Market

Christmas Traditions 2019: Family December Thanksgiving

Our target for December Thanksgiving is always December 1, but I think for the past two years, we’ve never really been successful at meeting the target date. Something’s always coming up that delays our plans. It’s a very important time for us to come together as a family to thank the LORD and show our… Continue reading Christmas Traditions 2019: Family December Thanksgiving

Ballet Philippines’ Cinderella dazzles!

I took our two younger kids to see Ballet Philippines’ Cinderella at the CCP last Sunday. This would probably be the last ballet show we will see this year, aside from the kids’ recital featuring “Jewels” on the 15th. I’ve yet to find out the lineup for next year’s performances, but I’m excited. I’m sure… Continue reading Ballet Philippines’ Cinderella dazzles!